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Understanding Ethical Hacking: Part 1

Before explaining this, let me explain what really hackers are. Most people think hackers are generally bad and cause harm to others. For an instance, some peope would even block you on social networks like Facebook if you tell them that you’re a hacker. Reason is simple, that they think you are bad and will hack their accounts (no offence, ... Read More »

Receive smartphone notifications on PC

Smartphones have conquered the heavy and bulky gadgets, either it be a laptop or a big Home PC. Although our mobile phones do have an important job in our day to day life, but are we keeping them with us all the time? The answer comes out to be a big NO! , assume a situation while you are using ... Read More »

Zero Day vulnerability found in MS-Word

A zero day vulnerability (Remote code execution or RCE) has been found in Microsoft Word that makes possible for attackers to remotely seize access and controls of remote computers. This was reported by Drew Hintz, Shane Huntley, and Matty Pellegrino of the Google security team. Refer to Microsoft official security advisory page (CVE-2014-1761) for more information on this vulnerability. This ... Read More »

Facebook released its new programming language called Hack

Meanwhile, Facebook released its own open source programming language called Hack, see official code for Hack, a dream came true for programmers. It will let the programmers write the code in a fast and efficient manner with less or simply no errors. Three Facebook engineers Bryan O’Sullivan, Julien Verlaguet, and Alok Menghrajani had been developing this programming language called Hack ... Read More »

iOS 7 Music Player Cydia Tweak : Aria

Aria is a new Cydia tweak that just simply gives the music UI of your iOS 7 a complete new look and supercharges for an awesome music experience! Ofcourse, your iOS 7 need to be jailbreaked for that. It gives you the new features and a bunch of improvements to stock iOS7 music player. On an add on the new iOS ... Read More »

Android boot process explained : How Android boots?

In previous and very first post of the blog, I told you about the booting process of Linux, here comes the Android as well! Android is an open source mobile operating system developed by Google Inc. and is based and operates on Linux kernel. There is a difference, Linux kernel is based on x86 architecture but almost all Android phones ... Read More »

Linux boot process explained : How Linux boots?

Linux is the most used open source operating system used today in personal desktops as well as in servers. In fact, most people do not know this, but Linux is a actually a kernel and the name full name of the operating system is ‘GNU/Linux’. It is open source and free, thus it gives an efficient manner for everyone to ... Read More »