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A Gamer by heart, loves to write articles when it comes on gaming. People call him bunny. Writes not so oftenly, but when he do, he make sure it comes into the GeekWeek category.


The new COD might seem a little too futuristic to some, but history of warfare tech has taught us  something completely different . This time we will be uncovering the tech behind the COD Advanced Warfare’s future of wars . The game features a vast array of tech some of which is not futuristic at all . EXO SUITS The ... Read More »

Watch Dogs Hacking in Real Life

WATCH_DOGS was this year’s one of the biggest release in the gaming industry because of its very innovative hacking game-play(because it is the only thing that you can use to counter enemies as the shooting mechanics are uber shity with the worst mini map i have ever seen) . The game takes place in Chicago, the whole city runs on a central system that connects everything ... Read More »