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How to Install iOS7 on iPhone 3G (Noob Friendly)

After the recent rumors of iPhone 6, older idevice users are left with completely no hope of getting an update, but then the question arises, are they completely obsolete now? My answer to this simple question, will be a simple “No”. Communities like the “Whited00r” are doing a brilliant job to revive your almost on the verge-obsolete devices, by bringing ... Read More »

How to run Windows Phone Demo Online on any Android or iOS

Although being cut down by the fact of late arrival in Mobile Operating Systems, Windows Phone has managed to grow up its market shares and wide reach to common public. Microsoft itself is a huge participant in the whole game, providing continuous support to its only mobile operating system “Windows Phone”. There are n numbers of commercials, billboards, banners and ... Read More »

iOS 7 Best Multitasking Jailbreak Tweak : Auxo 2

If you are an old Apple addict and love Jailbraking your iDevice, you might be aware about the tweak called “Auxo”. Auxo is a card-based app switcher for iOS 6 which was further implemented by Apple itself during the release of iOS 7. The tweak after the release went viral in just a few days. But the most frustrating thing ... Read More »

Receive smartphone notifications on PC

Smartphones have conquered the heavy and bulky gadgets, either it be a laptop or a big Home PC. Although our mobile phones do have an important job in our day to day life, but are we keeping them with us all the time? The answer comes out to be a big NO! , assume a situation while you are using ... Read More »

iOS 7 Music Player Cydia Tweak : Aria

Aria is a new Cydia tweak that just simply gives the music UI of your iOS 7 a complete new look and supercharges for an awesome music experience! Ofcourse, your iOS 7 need to be jailbreaked for that. It gives you the new features and a bunch of improvements to stock iOS7 music player. On an add on the new┬áiOS ... Read More »