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Backup Contacts and Messages on WP

So on the large demand of public, Microsoft has finally released an easy way to Backup Contacts and Messages on WP. Firstly it was only available to Lumia phones with SD card but now its available for phones without an SD card too. This app gets installed within Settings and backs up your contacts (VCF format) and messages (XML format). This ... Read More »


Windows Phone has become one of the top 5 leading Mobile operating systems. One of the most common question that WP users encounter is, are their enough apps for Windows Phone? Though some users think Windows Phone doesn’t have lot of applications, they are wrong, Windows App Store has 2,50,000 apps, of which all of them are legitimate plus no ... Read More »

Top 5 Windows Phone Games

Windows Phone is becoming one of the top 5 leading Mobile operating systems. One of the most common question that WP users encounter is, which are the top 5 windows phone games. Though some users think Windows Phone doesn’t have lot of games, they are probably wrong, Windows Phone App Store has 2,50,000 apps, out of which 1,50,000 are games. ... Read More »

How to enable Cortana in India

So you must be thinking what basically Cortana is? Cortana is a personal assistant available for Windows Phone. It’s like Google now and Siri as in Android and iOS respectively. Although its in BETA Cortana is giving a tough competition to Google Now and Siri. Cortana answers almost all of the questions, that you ask her. For an example, that’s what ... Read More »

How to install cracked applications on Windows Phone

Prequisites : We need to sideload apps, so Windows Phone SDK is a must, although official SDK is around 1.2GB but you can get the stripped one ( Download Here ) Microsoft .NetFramework 4.5.1 ( Download Here ) WPV Xap Deployer ( Download Here ) A Microsoft Account A Windows Phone So here we go, After making a Microsoft account, download the app named ‘Preview for Developers‘ from Store. Open the ... Read More »

Top 3 File Managers For Windows Phone

After the launch of Windows Phone 8.1 and the added support for new applications, there have been a number of apps on the Windows Phone marketplace to serve as your daily File Explorer.  Most of the people find it difficult to choose the best File Manager for their Windows phone device, so we have tested and organized the top 3 File Managers, ... Read More »

Download Subway Surfers for Lumia 520 and other 512MB Devices

The much talked about and one of the best runner game, Subway Surfers finally make its way to the Windows Phone devices running on 512MB of RAM. An official update recently rolled down by team Kiloo enables the game to be playable on all the Windows Phone devices with 512MB of RAM. The update allows devices namely Lumia 520, Lumia 521, ... Read More »

How to Download YouTube Videos on Windows Phone

Although Google restricts direct video downloads from YouTube , there are a bundle of third party tricks that can do the job for you. Even though sites which claim to download YouTube videos for you fails to download them for the majority of Windows Phone Devices, due to the combine restrictions laid down by Microsoft and Google. So this post ... Read More »

How to run Windows Phone Demo Online on any Android or iOS

Although being cut down by the fact of late arrival in Mobile Operating Systems, Windows Phone has managed to grow up its market shares and wide reach to common public. Microsoft itself is a huge participant in the whole game, providing continuous support to its only mobile operating system “Windows Phone”. There are n numbers of commercials, billboards, banners and ... Read More »