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How to Read Messages on Facebook without Seen

Ever wondered if you can just have a glimpse of the message without leaving that “Seen” footprint on Facebook? Let it be a conversation with your girlfriend  where you want to prepare a perfect reply and thus don’t want her to know that you actually read her message or let it be a professional response where you want some time to ... Read More »

How to change Facebook page name after 200 likes

Facebook as we all know is a trending social networking website. It helps connect the world to their friends and even let you make new ones. One of the most interesting feature that it offers is the Page feature, you can create Facebook Pages free of cost to make a wider audience for yourself or your business. Facebook although being ... Read More »

How to Invite all Friends to Facebook Page

One of the trending and leading social-networking site today, is no doubt Facebook. Its public as well as professional use is what makes it stand out of the pack. Majority of the people with Facebook pages (either for personal or business use) find it difficult to invite most of their friends to like and know about their page. This is actually due to ... Read More »

Facebook released its new programming language called Hack

Meanwhile, Facebook released its own open source programming language called Hack, see official code for Hack, a dream came true for programmers. It will let the programmers write the code in a fast and efficient manner with less or simply no errors. Three Facebook engineers Bryan O’Sullivan, Julien Verlaguet, and Alok Menghrajani had been developing this programming language called Hack ... Read More »