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Chicken Pox : All you need to know about it

Chicken Pox is an infectious disease caused by the zoster virus, which mainly affects children. It causes fever, throat infections, respiratory issues and tiny pimples which turn into large blisters with time. The itching period might last from a maximum of 20 days in a severe condition to a minimum of 2 days. There isn’t a proper treatment to fight Chicken Pox, ... Read More »

How To Stop Masturbating Addiction

If you are an adolescent and masturbate often, relax, its completely fine, almost 90% of your friends masturbate. Masturbation is a way with which adolescents discover the joy they might have before a sexual relationship. But what if you have an obsession of masturbating, or you are facing health issues due to masturbating, or simply say that you want a full ... Read More »

3 Must Have Plants For Home Office

Kamal Meattle an environmental activist, who held a talk at TED 2009 focused on “How to Grow Your Own Fresh Air” mentioned 3 must have plants to grow your own fresh air. All the three plants mentioned by Meattle are common Asian plants and could thus be seen  in most of the Indian houses. The 3 indoor plants mentioned by ... Read More »

Top 5 Home remedies for Migraine Solution

According to a scientific study, almost 3 out of 4 girls in America suffer from migraine headache pain. This might have to do something with the women menstrual cycle as Grosberg said ( a therapist who studied about migraine ). Being a boy, you are forbidden to take this point under consideration. Though boys might suffer from migraine due to ... Read More »

Opticians say: Smartphone overuse is very harmful

Opticians are worried and say smartphones may cause a severe long term damage to our eyes. Not only smartphone, but over exposure to light coming from devices like TV, computers as well. They have warned about this thing, that overuse of their smartphone, laptop and flat screen televisions is potentially dangerous and may also lead to long term severe damage ... Read More »