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Top 5 Tips to improve your typing speed

Keyboard writing is always more efficient and faster than handwriting. We have all wanted to be able to type fast as the thoughts that come across our minds. You can always type for a long duration to slowly get better at it. Or you could follow some simple rules each time you type to become more faster.   Here are some ... Read More »

Top 10 Tech Items under Rs 100

There are list of top tech items flooding on the web. I wanted to make a list too, but something creative, so here I proudly present the top 10 tech items under Rs. 100, yes INR 100 (roughly $ 1.63), prices might change with time, so grab the items as you see them. Apacer Micro OTG Cable A510 (Black) Product ... Read More »

Top 5 Mobile phones under 1000 INR

So today I’m gonna present you with the best mobile phones under 1000 INR. Yes you read it right, it’s under 1000. There’s lot of risk of phone being stolen and lost in a country like India, so today I’ve come up with a list of mobile phones under 1000 INR for those who need a cheap yet reliable device in ... Read More »

How to Send Large Files Online

So, you want to send large files over the Internet, but there are only two options available, either send it as an attachment via email or upload it on a web hosting service, but sadly you can only upload files up to 20-25 MB as an attachments on e-mails, and web hosting services aren’t convenient too. Ever imagined to send ... Read More »


Windows Phone has become one of the top 5 leading Mobile operating systems. One of the most common question that WP users encounter is, are their enough apps for Windows Phone? Though some users think Windows Phone doesn’t have lot of applications, they are wrong, Windows App Store has 2,50,000 apps, of which all of them are legitimate plus no ... Read More »

Top 5 Windows Phone Games

Windows Phone is becoming one of the top 5 leading Mobile operating systems. One of the most common question that WP users encounter is, which are the top 5 windows phone games. Though some users think Windows Phone doesn’t have lot of games, they are probably wrong, Windows Phone App Store has 2,50,000 apps, out of which 1,50,000 are games. ... Read More »

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Technology has given birth to various web browsers with support of custom extensions, plugins, themes and more. One of the most widely used web browser these days is Google Chrome, despite of its fast browsing speed, the ultimate power of customization makes it lead its competitors. One of the most common question that pops up in user’s mind is, “What can ... Read More »

Top 3 File Managers For Windows Phone

After the launch of Windows Phone 8.1 and the added support for new applications, there have been a number of apps on the Windows Phone marketplace to serve as your daily File Explorer.  Most of the people find it difficult to choose the best File Manager for their Windows phone device, so we have tested and organized the top 3 File Managers, ... Read More »

3 Must Have Plants For Home Office

Kamal Meattle an environmental activist, who held a talk at TED 2009 focused on “How to Grow Your Own Fresh Air” mentioned 3 must have plants to grow your own fresh air. All the three plants mentioned by Meattle are common Asian plants and could thus be seen  in most of the Indian houses. The 3 indoor plants mentioned by ... Read More »

Best Online Image Editing Software

No doubt Picnik Image Editor was the best of its kind, but on April 19, 2013 they joined Google and came up with Google+’s Photos Editor which discontinued the standalone Picnik Image Editor. PicMonkey might be another interesting editor in the Online list but due to the lack of building from scratch it is unable to make it to the top. So the question still persists, ... Read More »