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How to Read Messages on Facebook without Seen

Ever wondered if you can just have a glimpse of the message without leaving that “Seen” footprint on Facebook? Let it be a conversation with your girlfriend  where you want to prepare a perfect reply and thus don’t want her to know that you actually read her message or let it be a professional response where you want some time to ... Read More »

Download and Install Android L Keyboard on Android 4.0+

download and install android l keyboard

Since the new Android version (“Android L“) is announced, different features are getting ported to devices which are unable to run the new android version. One of the features in theme design i love about Android L is it’s Keyboard, with the new minimal and sleek design it has become an eye catcher for most of the android users. As a ... Read More »

LeWa OS v5 for Micromax A77 [PORT]

If you belong to an android background and are a moody of Custom ROM flashing, then you must have heard about the LeWa OS which resembles almost MiUi in looks and is as smooth as the Cyanogen Mod in Multi Tasking and Performance. The much talked about Custom ROM finally make its arrival on the local smart phone brand “Micromax” ... Read More »

Android boot process explained : How Android boots?

In previous and very first post of the blog, I told you about the booting process of Linux, here comes the Android as well! Android is an open source mobile operating system developed by Google Inc. and is based and operates on Linux kernel. There is a difference, Linux kernel is based on x86 architecture but almost all Android phones ... Read More »