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Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Technology has given birth to various web browsers with support of custom extensions, plugins, themes and more. One of the most widely used web browser these days is Google Chrome, despite of its fast browsing speed, the ultimate power of customization makes it lead its competitors. One of the most common question that pops up in user’s mind is, “What can ... Read More »


The new COD might seem a little too futuristic to some, but history of warfare tech has taught us  something completely different . This time we will be uncovering the tech behind the COD Advanced Warfare’s future of wars . The game features a vast array of tech some of which is not futuristic at all . EXO SUITS The ... Read More »

How to Download and Install Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft on September 30 unveiled the next version of Windows, by skipping the much awaited 9 and bouncing directly to 10. Although the final version of Windows 10 is supposed to go live in 2015 but Microsoft decided to target Windows-Geeks by introducing Windows 10 Technical Preview. There are both 64-bit and 32-bit versions available to download in U.S English, ... Read More »

How to get a Twitter Username : Already taken

At the time of our website’s launch we did not focus on the social networking sites, but at a later stage it became a necessary to broaden ourselves on the social grounds. In spite of getting a Facebook page and a Google+ page , we lacked behind when it came to Twitter. The twitter username @GeekCops was already registered by someone, who actually ... Read More »

Watch Dogs Hacking in Real Life

WATCH_DOGS was this year’s one of the biggest release in the gaming industry because of its very innovative hacking game-play(because it is the only thing that you can use to counter enemies as the shooting mechanics are uber shity with the worst mini map i have ever seen) . The game takes place in Chicago, the whole city runs on a central system that connects everything ... Read More »

How to Install iOS7 on iPhone 3G (Noob Friendly)

After the recent rumors of iPhone 6, older idevice users are left with completely no hope of getting an update, but then the question arises, are they completely obsolete now? My answer to this simple question, will be a simple “No”. Communities like the “Whited00r” are doing a brilliant job to revive your almost on the verge-obsolete devices, by bringing ... Read More »

Romoss S6 20000mAh Portable Charger from Tmart – Review

The rapid development in hardware technology is a result of various new hardware toys in the market. One of my favorite gadget cum accessory for present day smartphones are probably the Portable Chargers. Smartphones of this ERA are branded with the name “Battery Eaters”, this is basically because of the high battery consuming applications and heavy operating systems being put ... Read More »

Understanding Ethical Hacking: Part 1

Before explaining this, let me explain what really hackers are. Most people think hackers are generally bad and cause harm to others. For an instance, some peope would even block you on social networks like Facebook if you tell them that you’re a hacker. Reason is simple, that they think you are bad and will hack their accounts (no offence, ... Read More »

LeWa OS v5 for Micromax A77 [PORT]

If you belong to an android background and are a moody of Custom ROM flashing, then you must have heard about the LeWa OS which resembles almost MiUi in looks and is as smooth as the Cyanogen Mod in Multi Tasking and Performance. The much talked about Custom ROM finally make its arrival on the local smart phone brand “Micromax” ... Read More »

Top 5 Home remedies for Migraine Solution

According to a scientific study, almost 3 out of 4 girls in America suffer from migraine headache pain. This might have to do something with the women menstrual cycle as Grosberg said ( a therapist who studied about migraine ). Being a boy, you are forbidden to take this point under consideration. Though boys might suffer from migraine due to ... Read More »