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How to install Google Chrome in Linux

When it comes to web browsing, there is nothing better than Chrome. Talking about Linux we do have Chromium, from which the Chrome is built itself, but still Chrome wins the race by adding a lot more featured and 3rd party tweaks which Chromium fails to add. So today we are going to learn how to install Google Chrome in Linux (the ... Read More »

T-Rex Offline Game in Google Chrome

Chrome users very well know about the T-Rex Dinosaur which pops up every time they open Chrome without being connected to the internet. The T-Rex represents that it isn’t able to reach a lot of things, because of having short arms. Like the T-Rex, Chrome too is having problems reaching the internet connection. But did you know, that the T-Rex Offline ... Read More »

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Technology has given birth to various web browsers with support of custom extensions, plugins, themes and more. One of the most widely used web browser these days is Google Chrome, despite of its fast browsing speed, the ultimate power of customization makes it lead its competitors. One of the most common question that pops up in user’s mind is, “What can ... Read More »

Offline mode in Google Chrome

When you open Google Chrome, it instantly fetches the latest version of the page from the server and the page is further displayed on your screen. But assume if there’s no network connection? Let me tell you what happens then, there comes a Dinosaur saying unable to connect to Internet. Internet Explorer and Mozila Firefox on the other hand, have an offline page ... Read More »