Download and Install Android L Keyboard on Android 4.0+

Since the new Android version (“Android L“) is announced, different features are getting ported to devices which are unable to run the new android version. One of the features in theme design i love about Android L is it’s Keyboard, with the new minimal and sleek design it has become an eye catcher for most of the android users. As a result the feature was ported in no less than 2 weeks from the Android L Preview Release date to devices running Android 4.0+. Google Keyboard was soon pulled down from Play Store after its upload from an unauthenticated source. Though luckily because of Android’s Open Source nature, we can still Install the keyboard.

Download and Install Android L Keyboard

Method #1 : Installation by APK (Recommended)

So let’s get started on how to install Android L Keyboard on your Android device running android 4.0.0+  by an APK.

  1. Download and Install Android L Keyboard from : This Link.
  2. A dialogue box might prompt during the installation, just click on Go to Settings, and tick Allow Unknown Sources (may differ for different android versions).
  3. After Installation ends, go to Settings>Language and Input (Keyboard on some devices) and click on settings icon along with Android L Keyboard.
  4. Choose Advanced settings.
  5. Click on Color Scheme and choose Material.
  6. Go back to Language and Input settings and mark Android L Keyboard as your default keyboard/input method and Enjoy!!

Method #2 : Installation from Google play Store (Not-Recommended)

Although the official Android L Keyboard was pulled down soon after its upload on the Google Play Store, there are still developers working to make a look alike of the new Material Keyboard. Here is the one i liked :

Download and Install Android L Keyboard
Sorry for my typo! I meant Work :p

Note : The Google Play Keyboard listed above is still in developing stage, so common bugs like Force closes or lags are supposed to happen.

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