How to Bypass Audio Manager (Hide it Pro) Password

Hide It Pro is an amazing application, which is ideal for hiding your personal videos, photos, audio and even messages, that you don’t want others to access. This application fakes itself to look like an Audio manager and sits in your app drawer, unnoticed. Even if somebody opens the application, it functions like a real Audio tuner, unless you know how to use it.

In case you haven’t got the application, you can download it here : 

Getting back to the topic, there are situations when you forget your password and you might have important data secured in the application, so let us learn how to bypass Audio manager password and retrieve your data files.

Method #1 :

  1. Open your file manager.
  2. Navigate to ProgramData/Android/Language/*Here* (Internal Storage).how to bypass audio manager password
  3. If you see a folder named .fr you can skip to step #5, but if the Language folder appears empty, continue reading.
  4. We are assuming that your language folder is empty, this could be because you have not enabled “Show hidden files” under your file manager’s settings. To show hidden files, go to the options menu of your file manager and choose settings, then tick Show hidden files. how to bypass audio manager password
  5. Open the .fr folder and you’ll see all the Pictures, Audios and Videos sorted in respective folders.

Note: The Image files will be stored in .bin format just rename them to .jpeg or .jpg and you should be good to go.

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