How To Install CM11 on Galaxy Y S5360 (For Enthusiasts)


If you are looking for a full in-depth guide (Developers Only) to install Android 4.4.4 Kitkat on your old little Galaxy Y, you are at the right place. To begin with, let me first clarify what we are going to do today, we are going to learn the installation of Android Kitkat that is Android 4.4.4 with our beloved custom rom “CyanogenMod 11” on the GT-S5360.


How To Install CM11 on Galaxy Y S5360

Prerequisites :

Let’s Begin :

So once you meet the prerequisites list, you are ready to follow further instructions on getting CM11 booted on your Galaxy Y.

  1. Ensure that you are on stock android 2.3.6 rom and are rooted.
  2. Flash the recovery zip (ClockWorkMod Recovery from older version of cwm or in any case if installation fails, flash the recovery with Odin v3.07 (ClockWorkMod Recovery v6.0.5.3.tar.md5).
  3. After flashing the recovery image, boot into CWM and do a full “Wipe Data” and “Wipe cache“.
  4. Now go to “Mounts and Storage” and “format /system“, this is done in order to change the system partition from ext to yaffs.
  5. After format completes, “mount /system” and “mount /data” from the Mounts and Storage menu itself.
  6. Now flash the downloaded CM11 Totoro Build (RC9 is latest as of now).
  7. After installation finishes, reboot and enjoy (first boot might take up to 5 minutes to boot).

Major Bugs :

  • Audio – microphone is a little low.
  • Video recorder – does not work.
  • Video Color – Tilted / Bluish when playing a video.
  • USB tethering – Works partially.

Note :

After the installation of CM11, it is not possible to revert back to any custom rom of your choice, unless you do a full factory reset with odin. To perform a full factory reset , Download your Stock Odin Firmware Package from here , and perform the Odin restore.

Here is a quick video review of the Rom by Me :

Update #1 :

One of our esteemed visitor “Rodney” reported a situation, where he was not able to boot up his device on the first attempt, according to him, removing sim card on the first boot and then inserting it before the second boot, does the job. Hope it helps you too, although this never happened with me.

Update #1.1 :

Another fellow visitor “Bhushan” discovered a fix for Rodney’s issue of “Stuck on CM logo”, according to him, you first need to flash the latest Firmware with Odin (Link given above in Note section) and then go along the installation procedure. What it actually do is, it updates your baseband, thus reducing any network issues.

Have any issue with the installation? Leave us a comment below.

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178 Comments on “How To Install CM11 on Galaxy Y S5360 (For Enthusiasts)”

  1. After installing it shows cyanogen logo for few seconds and then it justs dissappears unfortnately it does not boots. Any solutions?

    1. Hello brother, sorry to hear that, but we are always here for help. Do one thing, go back to cwmv6.0.5.3 and do a wipe data/cache now try installing the rom again and reboot. By the way, i think there is something wrong with your download, are you sure you downloaded the latest stable rc9 build? for reference here’s the link of rc9 build that you were supposed to download :, have a good day , cheers πŸ˜€

  2. Hey thank you for your reply. I had tried all the builds but they gave me same errors. But know I found a solution for this. If a sim card is on board then the phone bootscreen just disappears. While the sim card removed for the first boot the phone has start’s succesfully πŸ˜€

    1. Oh, i apologize for our inability to answer your question correctly. But glad to hear that you found a possible solution, actually this never happened with me, maybe something related to your mobile operator, anyways i’ll add it up in the post above, just for the sake of help to others. Sorry once again, Keep visiting πŸ™‚

  3. Hey guys. ihave solution of ur queries. Bro rodney i was facing same problem nd i found d solution on it. u just need to flsh a latest firmware though odin. it will change ur baseband. and then follow the procedure of installation of cm 11. it will boot with sim card without any issue.
    Thank u.

    1. Hi Bhushan, thanks for that valuable comment, i’ll update the post after verification of the procedure you mentioned above! πŸ˜€ Thanks again for helping everyone out πŸ˜‰

          1. Actually it was already working for me (no sim issues or stuck issues) but that actually fixed one of my friends issue (stuck on CM logo), so thanks a ton for that tip πŸ˜‰ Keep visiting brother πŸ˜€

          2. i have gt s5360, after I install cm11, there is a problem in playing video and also in video recorder. How to fix it sir?..What shold I do now?..reply please..tnx..

          3. Hello Vncent, as i mentioned earlier these bugs are common, development is under process but sorry to say, at this moment these both bugs have got no fix, though you can keep updating to daily nightlies to stay up, with the most updated and bug free rom πŸ™‚ (Refer the video review above for more ..)

  4. I had flashed the latest firmware that is cwm via odin. But same problem occurs whenever I boot with same card(the bootscreen appears for 2-3sec and just disappears). I also faced same problem when I tried to boot on a friends phone. My sim card carrier is vodafone. Bhushan which simcard you use?

    1. m current operator is Idea. bro just visit galaxy y xda forum. there u’ll find d updated firmware. just download it n flash it via odin. or just flash modem file n follow d procedure of flashing d cm 11.

  5. hey I’m from India so can u send me the download link please? I’ll try on my phone and will share the results with you’ll

        1. Okay do this brother, go to settings>apps>all>camera and then clear data / clear cache, now reboot and re-open camera. Between let me tell u as stated above video recorder won’t work, only camera works (for snapping pictures) :). if u open video recorder the camera application will force close πŸ™‚

  6. Just wondering if I will install this rom can I still also install any kinds of application. (ex.: Clash of Clans, Farmville, etc.) Thank you!

    1. I actually don’t have my little SGY with me right now, though many applications force close but majority of them works too, i remember playing parker on sgy (with cm11) , so if clash of clans and farmville worked on earlier android versions than they might have a chance here too πŸ™‚ good luck brother!

  7. Hey guyss!! how’re you doing!!?
    I have intalled the Stable CM11 RC11. I couldn’t reach my phone contacts list on my SIM card… Is there any solution for that!!???
    PLZZ HELP!!!!!

    1. Hello Hamza, actually you need to import your contacts first, to this, press the options/menu button of your phone (once in the contacts app) and click on Import contacts then choose “From Sim” and you are done with it. Hope it helps πŸ˜‰

      1. not working, it says “no contacts”, that’s the problem bro the phone can not read/show my contacts from the SIM Card

        1. Oh sorry that was my fault, the sim issue was encountered only after the new nightly builds, but what you can do is, you can use this app : LINK or this app LINK , to import contacts from sim, moreover for saving contacts to sim u can use : LINK . I hope this works πŸ˜‰

          1. Okay brother i forgot to mention, try flashing this GApps package, after you install CM11 LINK . Then try πŸ˜‰ or else you can download the apk’s of the apps i mentioned and transfer them to your phone to install.

  8. Bro i had installed it successfully but on welcome screen of cm11 there is no next button i can’t find it any where bro please help me urgently…….

    1. Hello rishab, it actually is there for me, why don’t u try wiping data one more time? and in case the problem persists , try holding the center button for some time and see if the welcome screen skips. Moreover u can alternatively push in a different launcher and remove the existing launcher in system/apps so that the welcome screen automatically gets skipped (p.s : i assume that u r talking abt the welcome screen of google now launcher, cuz there is no welcome screen excluding that , unless u have a google play apps package installed).

      1. “Okay brother i forgot to mention, try flashing this GApps package, after you install CM11 LINK”, I was up for hours trying to get play store on cm11 galaxy y with no luck till found your link. Thank You πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Shivam Sharma , I have a problem with CM11 on galaxy y , when I put the SIM card on my phone and I boot it , it doesn’t start booting , I see just the logo CM11 for 3 seconds and then the screen still black , what can I do to fix this problem and thanks !!!

    1. Hello brother, you should read the comments up there, rodney had the same issue but efforts of bhushan fixed it up πŸ™‚ U can refer Update #1.1 for the fix (mentioned in the post itself) , as mentioned there u will have to update ur baseband and then flash cm11 to continue.

  10. I’ve had numerous problems with stability which only seem to happen once I’ve installed gapps. The ones mentioned above are the exact ones i’ve tried. The full 4.4.4 package mentioned seems to be too resource hungry so I tried the sdext variant which appears to work at first but often after a reboot it fails.

    To try and get around this I tried the modded s2e package I found which is claimed to be the right one for this Cyanogenmod build. However it doesn’t seem to work so I’ve tried mounts2sd which worked on Cooperve (S5830i). As I couldn’t get google play to work I tried the APK and while it would install and run, with an error at first with SQL lite, once rebooted mounts2sd would disappear just as google play does.

    So hopefully what I’ve just done will be a permanent fix. I’ve re-flashed to stock 2.3.6 and followed the install instructions for Cyanogenmod 11. Latest nightly I had downloaded from 11th October though there is a 14th October one now.

    Now I plan to wipe the SD card, re-partition again and then mount sd-ext before I select the sd-ext package.

    One question about this for me is what can I use to move resources to sd-ext or any part of SD card that will keep working, won’t affect stability and won’t break updates?

    1. Hello brother, at first let me tell u that s2e actually worked for me :/ don’t know what’s the issue on ur end. And talking abt mounts2sd , sorry to say bro, its likely going to break updates. Why don’t u try this again? LINK , make sure you try with a ext4 partition and not a ext3 partition.Just incase problems arise, do let me know πŸ™‚ Thx for ur comment btw πŸ˜‰

      1. That is what I used and yes ext4 formatted. However I’ve noticed there has been an edit since I downloaded s2e so there may be an updated version so I will try it.

        What’s been bugging me most is anything installed either from zip install or apk disappearing. This wasn’t expected but I did expect crashes or extreme slowness if there wasn’t enough memory. When it looked like i had fixed the problem I got these crashes which was a pain.

        So now I’ll try to wipe data and cache and try s2e again just in case it is a later version so thank you for the link. πŸ™‚

        1. Okay, just give it a try and let me know. On the other hand, flashed things getting disappeared? I am not sure but maybe i was in a similar situation once, my custom update packages were getting flashed but the applications in them even though getting displayed in the app drawer were not getting opened up. To fix it, this is what i did :
          Install fresh CM11 (Nightly or Stable whichever u prefer).
          Boot up the rom, tick Allow unknown Sources under security and then install a random apk file from memory card(if u didn’t ticked unknown sources, it is going to ask u to tick it anyway, while installing a apk).
          After installing a apk (any application) just open that application up and use it for sometime.
          Make sure you use the rom a bit, like connect it to an available WiFi network or mobile data in case.
          Enable USB debugging.
          Reboot into recovery, flash a zip, reboot and it will show “Android Update” with a box fixing the permissions of your flashed apk files πŸ™‚

          That’s what i did, though i am not sure why cm11 can’t change/fix the permissions automatically after first boot.

  11. Hello, I’m Newbie here πŸ˜€
    i want to flash this rom as soon as possible. But I’m having a major confusion :/
    which one I should go for?
    CM11- NIGHTLY updated on 14 oct
    CM11- RC11 updated on 2 oct
    I mean which one has less bugs? and does RC11 get update via OTA like NIGHTLY?

    1. hi brother, it actually depends on u, i guess downloading the RC build can help u if u r going to settle down with it, u can even update it to the latest nightly by going to updater in settings and then changing the settings to look for updates under nightly packages too πŸ™‚ for me latest nightlies r less buggy πŸ˜‰

  12. So far no real improvement as I’ve updated to the latest nightly build from today, installed S2E (was the same version I already had but worth a try downloading again) and S2E has stopped working after install. πŸ™

    Not sure what to do now but I’m going to try wiping everything again. Returning to stock ROM I’m guessing will fix anything changed, then reflash clockwork mod, reboot, install cyanogen mod nightly from 18th October, reboot, connect to wifi, reboot, install and run s2e, reboot, run s2e again to check what it did (looking for SQL Lite error which happened before), reboot into recovery, install sd-ext gapps (patches first then gapps package).

    I’m wondering if I need to use the sd-ext package though if s2e works? Maybe I’ll be ok with the gapps standard 4.4.4. package? One way to find out…

  13. Hmm… This time I had problems with s2e running before reboot but after reboot it complained about some things but worked. Now I’ve selected everything I could to move any storage requirements from the phone so hopefully it will work.

    Not yet tried any version of gapps as I want to see if this works first.

  14. Well after latest restart s2e disappeared. I re-installed and it didn’t crash but looked like it had done some of the things it was supposed to so looking positive.

    Rebooted into recovery and installed the sd-ext versions of gapps, mounting sd-ext before installing the final zip for the actual apps. s2e is still installed after the reboot but appears to have made no progress and the gapps have not installed. Trying again now but noticed this error:

    start mounting /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 as ext4
    Error! /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 is already mounted. You may see this error if you’ve upgraded to a new S2E revision. If you’re seeing this error and S2E is not working, then another app2sd script may be conflicting with S2E. You must resolve this issue manually.
    Script aborted.

    As there is nothing other than S2E mod version and gapps installed onto the latest nightly from 18th October then I can’t see what’s causing this. Any ideas on what causes this error and why gapps are not working? Perhaps I should try the 4.4.4 mini gaps package instead after running S2E?

      1. Thanks for the offer there. πŸ™‚

        Just posted a few minutes ago stating that I had found one major cause of problems was my sd card. Now got some stability with no restarts so trying to research exactly what is happening.

        One problem is something being reported as mounted by s2e which then refuses to work. Everything apart from s2e seems reliable so I may be able to work through this if I can find out how to unmount what it claims is mounted and sort the errors.

  15. Thax to developers. Its a great rom realy ever.One problem Cant extendent rom. I use amarulz & cronmod int2ext+ and does not work anyone. Pls help me to extend my rom.

  16. No idea I’m afraid but I’m getting tempted to start more hacking of Android and possibly developing my own mods and apps to get a better understanding of what goes wrong and how to fix.

    My problems appear to have been mainly down to a dodgy micro SD card. I found out through testing last night that the 32Gb card I thought I had was actually a 2Gb card. Always had suspicions about it but never proven until last night.

    Still getting problems with s2e though. Will have to try and identify exactly what is happening but one thing that does seem to happen is that it reports in the log that another similar app may have been used as something was already mounted (don’t have the phone with me so I can’t confirm what it was). I’m not using anything else and found the only way (so far) to fix it was re-flash with Cyanogen mod.

    I’m guessing I’ll have to get to grips with terminal to fix this (thankfully have reasonable UNIX/Linux knowledge) but doing it on that screen will be a pain so how do I do things like unmount on terminal and ideally do same through PC instead? Assuming this would need ADB but haven’t tried yet so got no idea.

    Gapps working reliably with SD-EXT version now providing I wipe the partitions, format the card, put any files for installation on the card, install cyanogen mod after wiping cache and restore to factory settings, partition sd card with maximum space for each option (always choosing ext4), mount sd-ext, apply patches then install gapps. Seems to always work now which seems a surefire indication that the sd card was the cause of most of my problems.

    1. i am actually a bit busy these days, though i agree u’ll need ADB to do that virtually from the phone, you can use a bunch of commands in the fastboot mode (not sure if sgy can do that). And glad to know that you kinda partially fixed it with changing the sd card. on the other hand i am so sorry for my inability to answer your queries on time. I hope you keep visiting and yea i am impressed with the interest you have towards android, keep on learning new things everyday and u’ll be an android developer soon πŸ˜‰ Good wishes πŸ™‚

      1. Cheers. πŸ™‚

        Yes confirmed my ace and y are now both working well. Attention now turned to my s2 after I wiped and found latest stable version is no longer kitkat so I’m braving it with each nightly.

  17. I installed this ROM and I must say that you’ve done a great job… But aside from the other bugs like audio or tethering, there is one other that freaks me out. Whenever I insert a locked SIM the phone boots but fails to unlock the SIM. If I insert an already unlocked SIM the phone does not boot at all. I tried to revert back to stock ROM with ODIN but everytime I try, the bootanimation just keeps playing from the beggining… I downloaded the firmware from . Is something wrong with those firmwares??? are the firmwares linked at the top somehow different from the ones from ??? also, I didn’t understand how to fix the SIM problem… If you can please tell me in details what to do, I’d appreciate that very much…

  18. i have flashed this rom and its a very nice rom than the others bur i got one problem aside from the bugs. I can’t seem to activate my packet data. why is that? can you help me solve it?

    1. Oh so the packet data isn’t turning on? tried a wipe data/cache? Maybe that solves your issue πŸ˜‰ or you can re-flash the rom and try. It works for me. just make sure you have the APN’s profile under “More..” settings.

  19. After this can i install kit kat apps on Galaxy y or this is just a custom rom like other roms my phone still 2.3

    1. This is a real Android 4.4.4 ROM, i.e you can install applications specially designed to work on Kitkat only πŸ™‚ This is a custom rom but is CM unlike other stock based roms, so it updates the android version to 4.4.4 πŸ˜‰

    1. You tried doing it with odin? With odin method it should work fine, with the direct CWm Flash Zip, even i had issues πŸ™‚ So try odin method πŸ˜‰ and even if you get bootloops make sure u can go into ClockWorkMod , if so you can head over to the next step without worrying about the phone to actually boot.

  20. Installed, changed baseband and tested a lot and everything works fine, just 2 problems for those i cannot find the solution πŸ™

    1) Vibration doesn’t work at all
    (i tried also wiping everything a reinstall e fresh stable cm11)

    2) Gapps signed zip doesn’t install, the installation gives: E:error /[folder and subfolders]/ (Status 0)


    – i’ve tried to flash them on a fresh install of the cm11 stable (after wiping everything, inclusive both the cache partitions) and both the small and the normal package
    – i’ve checked the md5sum and is ok

    If someone can help i would appreciate. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi brother, or the vibration issue actually i am not much sure cuz i just can’t remember if it used to work for me, anyways just revert back to stock just to check if the vibrator in the phone has nothing to do with it (hardware prob). On the other hand the GApps issue, as far as i know Status 0 occurs due to a mismatch in Update-binary :/ anyways try this gApps package and reply πŸ™‚ , i hope it works!

      1. Thanks very much bro’ πŸ™‚ the google apps file worked! Unfortunately is the vibration issue not a hardware problem πŸ™ hopefully it will be solved with some updates.

        1. Glad to hear that atleast one of your mentioned issue is resolved. Will look forward for the vibration issue, and i guess there are new updates available for the nightly/stable build, so u can try updating πŸ™‚

  21. I flashed the latest nightly yesterday and it soft bricked the phone. But thankfully flashed with latest stock rom through ODIN and it seems fine so will try the nightly again and see what happens.

    1. I am not sure what did go wrong, try following the procedure again and make sure you r on the mentioned CWM version and not the one made for android 2.3.6 πŸ˜‰ Hopefully this retry shall make it boot πŸ™‚

    1. Sorry brother there is a limit of every mail, nandroid backup is a large file and couldn’t be sent via mail. Moreover i don’t have this device anymore, so you can ask anyone else for help or try installing it the way its mentioned πŸ™‚

  22. Hello,
    When I tried to install CM 11, it had shown error Status 7 installation aborted.
    Is there any prob with version?
    I tried with version 08 Oct 2014.

    1. Hi brother, status 7 error is generally seen because of device and rom mismatch with problems in updater-script or maybe your cwm version, u sure u r on the latest CWM version (as mentioned up)? Anyways wat u can do is open the zip file on ur pc and search for updater-script in it, open it with any text editor and remove all the lines beginning from “”assert” till the last “getprop” line. But i doubt its the rom issue, maybe its just the cwm issue, flash the one given above and not the ordinary cwm for SGY.

          1. Hi Brother,
            Thanks for info.
            From where i can download Kernel?
            And it is compulsory to run also with clockmode and cm?

          2. Did i mention to flash any kernal files? No, right? so you are just gonna do what’s there in the article above, no kernel flashing is required, the CWM specific version contains boot files and the CM builds contain the rest of the kernel files (with boot.img) that are needed to boot. πŸ™‚

    1. There may be videos already on Youtube but it isn’t complicated. Providing you download the right file and put it on your micro SD card, then start the recovery mode it’s easy.

      Start recover mode with (all three pressed and held until the samsung galaxy graphic flashed for second time) power, home, volume up and then you just need to select install from zip and it’s pretty straightforward. It’s a good idea to wipe dalvik cache, wipe data and cache before you do this though.

      1. hi,
        some videos showing installing kernal. some are not.
        some videos are also showing installing gapps.
        I am confused. which procedure should i opted?

        1. You just opt for the procedure mentioned above, if your device boots up successfully that’s gr8 and if it doesn’t just let me know, i’ll try to help u the best i can. Anyways as i mentioned earlier i’ll try to pull up a video this coming weekend. πŸ™‚

    2. Indeed there will be many similar videos on internet, but if he wants i can make one, just because i am overwhelmed to see the support coming on this page! Its performing better than what i expected. πŸ™‚

      1. Hi,
        I am from India and phone is taken from here only.
        I tried 5 times today but all the times there were error.
        Please guide me with proper software and videos of tutorial.

        Model Number: GT-S5360
        Android Version: 2.3.6
        Baseband version: S5360DDMD1
        Kernel Version:
        Sat Apr 20 14:16:54 KST 2013
        Build Number: GINGERBREAD.DDMD1


        1. Hi brother, it’ll be good if you can anyhow provide me with the error report? or tell me where the error occurred? and what it was about? It can just help me solve your issue πŸ™‚

  23. hey,
    I have galaxy y and when I install cwm using recovery it does not shows the options correctly ( wipe cache , mounts etc).
    some what like the blue lines in horizontal pattern and the options are showing correctly.

      1. For me I’ve found that this is the only method that works. If you have the stock build (whether original or having flashed to recover as I have a few times) then you will have the stock recovery.

        Install the latest available CWM (Clock Work Mod) for the phone via ODIN and when you enter recovery you can then flash the latest Cyanogenmod (or any other compatible mod).

        CWM certainly seems to give more control over wiping cache, preparing SD card partitions etc.

  24. Dear Shivam,
    Plz upload video of yours showing whole process. It is the only solution left, I think πŸ™‚

        1. Check if you are flashing a proper rom (Full CM11 Package-Greater than 100 MB in size) and not an experimental update, for status 7 error you can check the online videos, you just have to remove the get.prop / assert lines from updater-script in the meta-inf folder πŸ™‚

  25. bro i installed it before on my fone and it worked but some apps were not working thats why i uninstalled it and now i am trying to install it back and now it is not booting it is stuck on cm logo and logo is also not in center it goes side ways plz help men what i do i am w8ing for your reply

    1. Hello brother, there is some issue with your kernel (boot.img) , do one thing try flashing the stock rom once and the flash cm11 πŸ˜‰ I am sure it will work. Google “How to install stock rom on galaxy y” and u will find allot of interesting videos/articles for you πŸ™‚ Hope this helps!

    2. It’s easy to find by searching for “Galaxy Y stock rom” in google.

      By doing that I found this which is as good a place as any to start with:

      Once you have downloaded the rom it’s straightforward. Instructions should be there on how to download and use Odin and the stock rom.

      The phone gets put into download mode by power off then hold down power on, home and volume down. Everything you need to follow then is on the screen and in the instructions for Odin.

      I’ve had to do this a few times when Cyanogenmod appeared to kill the phone but it is wise to restart first. If that fails, try going to recovery mode (while phone is off hold power, home and volume up) and wipe the cache and dalvik cache. If it still doesn’t work try wiping user settings too and then if it doesn’t work flash the stock rom with odin.

  26. thyanx bro for this link now one last problum is that i could not install rom downloaded form this link i could not understand which files i have to download to install i watched a video and video maker gave a link of mediafire and i downloaded it from there but it was an unofficial rom and half of that dint work plz can u give me a link from where i can download a single file rom so it would be easy for me lz i am w8ing for ur rply………………..

    1. Download all the latest files (there should be 3) and save them to a sensible place. Put Odin in that place too and run Odin and follow the instructions for Odin in the link I posted previously.

      One other thing you may need is Samsung USB drivers. I can’t remember if the XDA forum I linked to says where to get them from but Samsung own site is one place.

      So providing you have put the phone in download mode, and follow the odin instructions you should be ok. But… You may need an updated recovery if the Cyanogenmod install doesn’t work. All the instructions and anything you need can be found on the XDA-developers forums.

    1. Have you downloaded Odin? You can find it here:

      Download the 3.07 version (I couldn’t find the 3.09 version) and put the extracted files in the same place as all the three files you downloaded.

      Once downloaded and all the files are in the same folder, run Odin and click on the PDA button. Then select what should be the only file it shows but make sure it connects to your phone (which should be in download mode). Follow the instructions on this link posted earlier if in doubt. It isn’t difficult to follow and doesn’t have many steps.

      There is though one alternative. Put the zip file on your sd card and download clockwork mod from here:

      and put this on the SD card too.

      Reboot the phone into recovery by powering off, then press and hold power on, home and volume up until the galaxy logo appears a second time (if like mine) and then install the clockwork recovery from the zip.

      This should start right away and let you then install the zip for Cyanogenmod but make absolutely sure you wipe both cache and wipe settings before you install.

      Everything you need can be found on xda-developers site including the files and instructions.

    2. Simply click on the latest three files that show on this site and download them. You will be prompted to save them:

      Then save odin to the same location and follow the instructions or put both zip files from clockwork mod and the above link for cyanogen mod onto your phone’s sd card, wipe the phone and install from zip. I only use odin now if the phone is bricked and I need to restore to stock rom.

      1. Brother! I appreciate your concern about the site, I mean you always handle the visitors when I ain’t around! A huge thanks for it, really that means allot to me! Keep visiting! ^_^

        1. bhai sb kch isi trha kia ha but hr bar status 7 error aa rha hacyanogenmod11 nhi install ho rha kya kro’n yr mjhy kch smjh ni aa rha jo unofficia zip ha wo ho jata ha install but jo lin yha dia hoa ha wha sa jo zip download ki ha wo hr bar error day rha ha koi trika btao yr jis sa easyly install ho jay

    1. *june*
      Did you after installing cwmv6 wipe both cache and wipe data/factory reset before then using install zip to install cyanogen mod?

      Also did you have a sim card in the phone at the time?

      Generally I find it works fine if you have a sim in the phone, install cwmv6, wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition and wipe dalvik cache before installing cyanogenmod from zip.

      If it doesn’t work try and boot into recovery again (with phone off press and hold power, home and volume up until you see the galaxy logo a second time) and then wipe as above again. Hopefully that will resolve it but if it doesn’t you may need to put it in download mode and force a stock rom install to recover and then try again.

  27. Thanks a lot dude. It really helped me out. I had to go through a little odd situations. When I followed all your steps the installation completed successfully but when I selected reboot system now it rebooted into recovery again. This happens 2 3 times. Then I did all the steps from Step #3 ( from above tutorial ) but this time I installed RC13 instead of RC14 and that really worked like a charm πŸ˜€

    Hope this might be helpful for people with similar problems

  28. Man what are you doing???????Md5 tar files CWM IS ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRONG FILES…Dont’t installing this the code is ERROR…Are you developer???Sure no..error code in internet site…..pfffffff

    1. I am not able to understand you properly, but as far as i have understood, i assume you are flashing the md5 tar file in CWM, no bro it’s the wrong way md5 tar file has to be flashed via Odin and zip file via CWM πŸ™‚

      1. Hii shivam … i want to install CM11 on ma G Y …
        But the link shows error.. as u said that ths project have shut down .. where should i get the latest nightly .. ? plz help me out … ma baseband is DDMD1 .. i thnk its latest for India .. . what should i do now ..??

  29. everything is OK except gmail login problem. can’t connect sever. tried by flashing gapps 4.2.2, reinstalling 2.3 firmware via Odin, wiping data and cache/ dalvik, without wiping, nothings works. is there a remedy? if so forward me a link plz. i lyk this ROM though pretty Slw.

  30. Hai Sir …. I’am from indonesia ..
    I can’t install any apk file from google play and sdcard … “App Not Installed” that’s phone said .. Can you help me Sir ???
    (Sorry my English so bad)

    1. No issues with your English brother. App not installed is generally an error when your phone storage, make sure to move/link apps to sdcard to free up some space and then try the same. Hope it helps πŸ™‚ (Also look if the apk’s are compatible with android 4.4.4 )

      1. hi shivam. i have flashed cm11 on my galaxy y. before flashing it i had stock rom installed on it in which bluetooth and wifi were not working and even after flashing cm11 the same problem remains. pls help..

        1. Maybe you have the wrong stock rom, do one thing, go to a local samsung store and ask them to flash stock rom, they will flash the correct baseband and rom, then flash CM11 it will work πŸ˜‰

  31. after installing cm11 i can not use any root apps on my galaxy y gt-s5360 i try to reroot it but it is not work plyse help me

    1. I had no problems but if you get any issues then reflash stock rom through ODIN and try again with the mod but try through ODIN.

  32. I rooted my system (Galaxy Y S-5360 running Android 2.3.6 build XXKK6) and it seemed to go OK, as the Superuser app was installed. (After that it wasn’t clear to me how I could test if it really was installed OK, so I had to trust that it was.)

    Then I installed ClockWorkMod and the problems started. I wanted to back up my system at least, so I could restore it if things went wrong, so I installed CWM from “”, which seemed to go OK. The phone re-booted and went into the CWM Recovery menu. However, I got an error message β€œE:Can’t mount backup path” when I tried to do a backup. After some frustration I discovered that the instructions I had found on the Web forgot to mention that you have to go into a sub-menu and mount the SD card first, so I did that and was able to do a backup. However, when I then re-booted, all that happened was that the phone re-booted into CWM. Since then, everything I do (e.g. recovering the backup) ends up with the phone booting into CWM. In the process, I get a menu that says “Root access is missing. Root devi” (the rest of the message is cut off), with the options “No” or “Yes – Root device (/system/xbin” (again cut off). It doesn’t matter which of these I select, the system still boots into CWM.

    [BTW, I now see that there are two things called ClockWorkMod — there’s “Clock work” (or variations on that name) which is about 2.58 MB in size, and then there’s “” which is 4.5 MB. By trial and error I have discovered that “Clock work” is an old version of CWM, which someone has (un)helpfully omitted to give a sensible name to.]

    Anyway, my phone is now soft-bricked. How can I get it back?

    Thanks in anticipation, someone …

    1. Don’t worry brother i understand your situation. You just need to reflash your phone with Odin, it is easy as mentioned above, you can actually search on youtube for some videos as well on “Flash Galaxy Y Stock rom with Odin ” and you will unbrick your phone. Actually you are right the new cwm-totoro build is meant specially for kitkat so it will malfunction on stock android 2.3.6 gingerbread. Hope u unbrick ur Y soon!

      1. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I figured out the Odin thing in the end, and reverted to a (slightly more recent) build of Gingerbread. However, I’ve lost all my settings and data, of course (old SMSs, notes, app data, everything), which is a bummer.

        In fact, I did manage to load Cynaogenmod 11 and I played with it for a day, but it’s unreliable — sometimes runs OK, sometimes goes real slooooooooow, and apps have a habit of freezing. It looks great, and there are lots of nice new tweaks and bits and bobs, but it really isn’t suitable for running on a Galaxy Y with a pathetically small memory and a hamster-powered CPU.

        What p*sses me off is the number of people who put stuff up on the Web without thinking first. I guess many of them are teenagers who’ve been playing with Android for quite a while, and they don’t put themselves in the shoes of someone who doesn’t have their experience. Hence the situation I had where the instructions I was following didn’t mention that you first need to go to another sub-menu and make sure all the volumes are mounted before you can flash CWM. Also, until your reply, NO-ONE has mentioned that β€œ” is meant to go with Cyanogenmod 11 but not earlier stuff.

        BTW, can you point me to something that explains (in simple terms) what APKs are and how to install software using them (i.e. instead of flashing a ZIP file).

        1. If it is unreliable one thing to check as I found is the micro SD card. Transcend cards for example don’t normally work (at least in 32gb version or work unreliably) in Samsung phones.

          But it could be a dodgy sd card such as one labelled as 32Gb which is actually 2Gb and so you get read/write errors to the card and Cyanogenmod is unreliable.

          If you have another micro sd card (Samsung and Kingston tend to be good) then give it another try with a different card.

          1. I don’t think it’s the SD card, because it’s been working without a hitch for the last couple of years, and anyway it’s only a 2GB one. (I had an SD card problem before, so I’m aware that they can cause trouble.) I’ve gone back to stock 2.3.6 because it’s what I’m used to, plus the version I flashed is a bit newer than the original version and has one or two tweaks that are quite nice. Now I need to root it and get rid of the bloatware, though, because the current versions of the apps I was using are bigger than the ones I loaded when I got the phone, and I’m out of internal storage πŸ™ …

            Which is where my last comment comes in — it’s difficult to find straightforward advice on these things. For example, I flashed a copy of “” that I downloaded last week, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything (no Admin app appeared). But there are various versions of floating around on the Web — why don’t people give them sensible names? How is a newbie meant to be able to work out which version to use, when all you’ve got to go on is the file name and a creation date? I find it very frustrating (I speak as a former software developer of many years’ standing). Grrr.

          2. Sorry to hear that sir, well, maybe this works for you :
            ->Go into recovery mode and with volume rocker keys install CWM (DOWNLOAD HERE) .
            ->Now install the (after mounting everything that is possible at this stage – Don’t reboot recovery as this is temporary recovery) , you can download the from here : (DOWNLOAD HERE ) .
            HOPE that helps, tell me if that doesn’t πŸ™‚ (Also tell me which android 2.3.6 build are you using? I mean tell me the BASEBAND VERSION so i can assist you better πŸ™‚ )
            NOTE: Also try installing SuperSU app from playstore after reboot (if that is not installed already), maybe the phone gets rooted but the SuperSU isn’t installed.

          3. I do appreciate your presence on the topic sir, Well I partially agree with your statement, memory cards do matter as they are the read/write speed initiators, And for a heavy ROM like KitKat, memory cards with Class 10 or U1/U2/U3 are best to be used which might be able to skip those freezing app issues, but to be frank, the issue here is with the memory of the Device, a 256MB device isn’t meant for KitKat and thus it never performs as it should, but well this ROM is great for testing purposes! Keep visiting sir πŸ™‚

          4. The reason I stated the SD card is due to my own experience where the phone would freeze or restart. I had thought it was the lack of memory on the phone and repeated reflash with ODIN didn’t work.

            Maybe I misunderstood the problem but it was a combination of changing micro SD card and reflash through ODIN that sorted it for me so I definitely agree reflash through ODIN was the right action and if the fault did not clear then check the SD card.

            Glad to hear you are back to normal and keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

        2. Hello brother, i am sorry for late replies, well i was in the hsopital because of Chicken Pox, but well i am fine now! Good to hear that you unbricked your Galaxy Y, and i am sorry for not putting up a detailed instruction of the process, I am sorry if your pointing me in those “Teenagers” but well, let me tell you sir, I never do such things, the tutorial was on installing CyanogenMod 11 and not CWM 6, well, let me drive it straight, i mentioned to flash CWM with ODIN and told not to use the recovery option for it (as it is a mess right now! ) , but well i am still sorry for my mistakes, I’ll improve my writings with time, and comments like ur’s. To be exact APK is something that the Android understands, you have EXE files on Windows and .dba files on debain system’s the same goes with Android, the applications are packed in an APK file, which otherwise is a Mostly Java or C++ written application with a bunch of XML involved in it. I’ll be happy to assist more doubts about it, feel free to ask, and yea keep visiting! I am sorry once again πŸ™‚

          1. Haha! Glad you are well again. Re. “teenagers”, no, it wasn’t you I was referring to … there are lots of blogs and sites out there that seem to be run by well-meaning guys, but they tend to be written as if you already know what they are explaining. In my experience (as an older guy) this indicates that they are young and inexperienced. To mis-quote an old gag, youngsters should get out into the world and do stuff, while they still know everything. (When you’re young you think you know everything, and anyone who doesn’t know what you know is old and stupid; as you get older you realise more and more how little you really know, and you become more tolerant. I generalise, of course :o)

            Anyway, don’t apologise. Your site is one of the best ones I came across while I was searching for info, and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to comments, and to reply in a sensible and helpful way. Quite a few people (even on XDA-forums) are pretty sarcastic and sh*tty if someone asks a “dumb” question, so you are definitely up among the good guys.

            As for my experiment with Cyanogenmod, I tend to agree with you that an old piece of kit like the SGY doesn’t really have either the memory or the horsepower to run CM properly (at least not recent versions — I’ve read elsewhere that CM7 runs OK on an SGY). For the time being I’m happy with the version of 2.3.6 I’ve got (version XXML1, I think), although it’s a bummer that I lost all my data, but I’ve rooted it and deleted a bunch of apps that I never used. Still struggling with lack of memory, however, and can’t load Viber. I continue to search for a definitive list of which files constitute which apps and what I can safely delete.

          2. I’ll write up an article on the list of apk’s you can delete , when i get time! Anyways , thanks for praising about my blog, this is my life! And people like u motivate me allot for it. Anyways, i guess there is a way to expand internal memory, i once succeded doing that by partitioning my sd card to be used as the internal memory, I’ll check if i can do that still and will let u knw! Have a great day brother πŸ™‚

  33. Hello,
    I am new user. I have tried many times from you tube videos, but couldn’t succeeded.
    Please upload video for this method.
    So People like me can easily do the things.

    1. Sure thing, i made a video on it but was missing the speed to upload it on utube! No issues i will make a video soon and will upload it for you guys, for meanwhile there are lot of videos u can search on utube for the same.

  34. When someone calls me and my phone is sleeping, I can’t answer the call :the screen remains black until the call ends. But if my screen is on, I can answer any calls without any problems. Is there anybody who have a fix or a workaround for it? I’m really looking forward to an answer.

      1. same problem bro pls help me,,,,When I receive an incoming call, the screen remains blank for about 5 seconds to display the options to answer or reject the call pls help me ………………………………………………………….

        1. This is the issue with the display drivers and at the moment, we have no support for the device as they stopped pushing updates for the same. The only option is to deal with the issue or get back to an old version where other bugs exists but not the display issue (i guess the early beta builds will do).

      1. I still have mine though looking to get rid of it soon. For some reason mine became unstable again so I’ll need to wipe it, take the latest image and start again hoping it works. Otherwise it is back to stock and give away the phone.

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