LeWa OS v5 for Micromax A77 [PORT]

If you belong to an android background and are a moody of Custom ROM flashing, then you must have heard about the LeWa OS which resembles almost MiUi in looks and is as smooth as the Cyanogen Mod in Multi Tasking and Performance. The much talked about Custom ROM finally make its arrival on the local smart phone brand “Micromax” . The Mediatek based cheap dual core handset Micromax Canvas Juice (a77), receives its first ever custom ROM by our team.  Talking about the Custom ROM, its basically a tweaked version of LeWa OS for the MTK6572 devices.

Here’s a quick demonstration review video of the ROM:

Here is Quick Look to the features the Custom ROM brings :

: Android version :4.2.2

: LEWA 13.10.31

: Full stable

: New Icons

: New Look

: Optimized

: Pre-Rooted

: 8 Mega Pixel Camera patch

: Amazing stability and speed

: Amazing & Improved battery Life

: Gapps included

Not making it too long, here is the XDA Thread Link , which will guide you with the step by step installation of this Custom ROM along with its Download link :


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27 Comments on “LeWa OS v5 for Micromax A77 [PORT]”

  1. Hi Geekcops,

    I have purchased the a77 i want to install custom rom posted by you. but i don’t know installation process . i am expecting you will send me following steps:
    1) install recovery
    2) Take backup
    3) install custom rom
    4) install old system.

    Thanks a lot

      1. Is there any other OS is like lewa v5 which supports my Micromax a63. PLEASE TELL ME I AM FRUSTRATED FROM THIS JELLYBEAN.

          1. Thanks Bro For giving your Time. Bro I have searched that blog but I don’t found the downloading link of Colour Os v2 cust Rom. Can you Help Me.

          2. bro can you tell me step by step procedure of installing custom rom colour os v1 in micromax A63. I am new to this custom rom world but still I was trying but nothing happend. I am unable to install the twrp recovery image please help me. Tell me the procedure from the first stage. Thank you.

          3. Color os v2 is not yet released so links aren’t present at the moment. And you can flash color os on mmx a63 but first you need to root it & install CWM recovery [[you can find tutorial for rooting here (see post #4 on the link) and for cwm installation here ]].

    1. Its our responsibility to help our esteemed visitors. Thanks for giving us a chance to help rather 😉 Keep Visiting !

  2. I have installed your Lewa Rom on Canvas A77 & is beautiful. But two bugs observed while updating its giving error ” Package file was not signed Correctly. Unintsall the previous copy of the app and try again. Also the music player dashboard don’t show songs it shows All songs 0, Folders 0 even though sd card has the songs.

    1. Okay so u r talking abt gmail app right? Well what you can do is, simply delete the gmail.apk from system/app with any root explorer. And then try installing it from Play Store. And about that Music app, what you can do is, try choosing music folder from options in Music App, and do a reboot then boot ur device without memory card, don’t launch Music app, insert the memory card, after the media scanning completes, insert your memory card and enjoy 🙂

    1. Actually there isn’t an option for changing icon size but what u can do alternatively is , u can download ur favorite icon pack from themes app and enjoy! 😀

  3. Hi Shivam. I have deleted & reinstalled Gmail & its working. Thanks a lot. But lewa music app not working. Its giving error. Unfortunately Music has stopped. Also is there any chance porting latest Lewa ROM for canvas a77.

    1. Hello brother, glad that the Gmail is working fine, but sad to listen about the music player issue, how about clearing data of the music app? from settings>app>all>music app > clear data . Just try it in case it fixes your issue 🙂 And about that latest Lewa Rom, bro sad to tell that my MMX A77 is no more with me, so i can’t develop any further :(. But i’ll keep you updated with any new roms for this device.

  4. Hi Shivam. I havw Lenovo A60+ mobile. I have seen ROM for Lenovo A60/A65 on official Lewa website. Will this support my A60+ ? Or do you have any better ROM for it.?

    1. Can you please provide me with the link of the rom, i will confirm and tell you about it, or will help you otherwise find a good rom for your device 😉

  5. Hi Shivam,
    Pls find the link below from Lewa website for Lenovo A60/65.


    I am having Lenovo A60+ & currently using ROM which I have downloaded from below link.


  6. bro I don’t know that how you install cwm recovery
    in your video it is pre installed
    please help me how to install cwm recovery to install lewa os

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