Receive smartphone notifications on PC

Smartphones have conquered the heavy and bulky gadgets, either it be a laptop or a big Home PC. Although our mobile phones do have an important job in our day to day life, but are we keeping them with us all the time?

The answer comes out to be a big NO! , assume a situation while you are using your Home PC and suddenly you hear a Buzz , well that looks like a buzz from your cell. Aah! you remember its on charging , in the other room. While your mind tells you to be calm and feel tired , your curiosity begins to step out, resulting a walk to the other room – checking the notifications and come back to your PC.

Your hassle has got a way out, Pushbullet is the linking tunnel between your mobile and Desktop PC. Pushbullet attempts to do the job in the following way:

  • As already mentioned Pushbullet forwards all the notifications ( i am referring the Android notifications here) direct to your monitor’s screen by a simple Chrome/Firefox extension. Not only that special settings for specific notification type is even available to use.
  • It not only pushes the notifications but even some desired stuff too. Let it be an image file or maps , Pushbullet can send it all from either PC to Phone or vice-versa. Checkable lists, Texts, files, links and aforementioned maps are the common stuff that Pushbullet pushes to your gadget.
  • Not only an individual trait reflector, the application actually let’s you send some important links or files from your gadget to your friends gadget (not to mention , the other one should be Pushbullet user aswell).

Not just a specific OS work, Pushbullet is also available for iOS . But the restrictions on iOS platform are making it way different for Pushbullet to function even 30% of what it performs on an Android.

Pushbullet Team is now working on dedicated apps for specific OS’s , starting from Windows first and then OS X later, the team is constantly looking to make it much more rational and effective product.

You might just try your hands on this application either on Android or iOS .

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