How to run Windows Phone Demo Online on any Android or iOS

Although being cut down by the fact of late arrival in Mobile Operating Systems, Windows Phone has managed to grow up its market shares and wide reach to common public. Microsoft itself is a huge participant in the whole game, providing continuous support to its only mobile operating system “Windows Phone”. There are n numbers of commercials, billboards, banners and what not, which Microsoft used as a tactic in order to increase there OS sales.

One of the old tactic they flaunted in around 2011 is yet up and running to attract Android and iOS users. Its actually a virtual Windows Phone Online Emulator. Microsoft introduced in early 2011’s as a online Windows phone Emulator for Android and iOS powered devices. The website was working well until recently due to heavy site traffic the servers went down. In order to overcome this difficulty Microsoft finally shifted the whole site to not only a new server but also a new domain.

Open up the link mentioned below from your Android Browser or Safari (in case of iOS) to experience the smooth and beautiful environment of Windows Phone User Interface.

How to run Windows Phone Demo Online on any Android or iOS

All in all the HTML5 based website provides you the required demo you might need to get before buying a Windows phone, although at times it turns out a bit glitchy but that’s actually because of the browser limitations on both Android and iOS devices. You can even have the same experience from your Desktop PC or Mac by going to this link which will open up the same WP experience surrounded in a frame of a real WP Device : .

UPDATE #1 :  Due to rapid increase in server load, the website is close again, we will keep you updated if any alternative for this comes up.

UPDATE #2 : We have found an alternative for you, try going to and you can still learn about how it feels to use a Windows Phone device. 😀

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