Samsung Ditching Android as per Court Documents

As you might have heard about the Samsung’s homegrown Operating System, namely Tizen. The OS is actually on few Samsung’s consumer products including the Gear 2, Gear Neo and Gear Fit, which surprisingly most of these device owners aren’t aware of and still believe it to be Android or something based on the same.

Tizen has been under work for quite a long now and no wonder Team Tizen has apparently put up a lot of efforts in there work which is by far visible with the Gear 2 Launch. A court case between Apple and Samsung is providing up a lot of hidden files which weren’t available to the public earlier. One of the recently revealed document suggests that Samsung might leave Android for its homegrown OS, Tizen.

According to an earlier report of year 2011, Samsung has mentioned its 3 major enemies in the mobile industry, namely “Apple” , “HTC” and surprisingly “Samsung” itself. Well, Apple being a clear rival of Samsung since the beginning was not surprising element in the list but HTC is a matter to think around, though the mentioned report evidences HTC sales more than Samsung by a huge amount in that year, so it might be the fact.


Although Tizen as in the Smart Watches has shown up pretty well, but as and when compared to Android, still lacks a lot of features and need improvements.


Although there was nothing of a big surprise about adopting Tizen but watching this in the official documents is a bit of a new scenario, maybe we can end up with some new Tizen based Samsungs devices.

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