T-Rex Offline Game in Google Chrome

Chrome users very well know about the T-Rex Dinosaur which pops up every time they open Chrome without being connected to the internet. The T-Rex represents that it isn’t able to reach a lot of things, because of having short arms. Like the T-Rex, Chrome is having problems reaching the internet connection.

But did you know, that the T-Rex Offline Dinosaur in Chrome is a game in itself too? You can activate the game by pressing the space bar button whenever the T-Rex pops up on the “Unable to connect to the Internet” page. That’s it, your otherwise offline page will transform into a fully addictive game and a great way for passing time. Your aim is to keep the dinosaur running by jumping over the cactus plants, for as long as you can. A scoreboard representing your active and so far highest scores will be pinned to the top right of the gaming window. A popup sound will accompany you every time you complete a 100 in the scoreboard.

The T-Rex game is written and designed in Javascript of which you can download the complete source code from the Chromium repository. A huge thanks to Codepo8 for discovering this hidden Chrome easter egg.

[tweet https://twitter.com/codepo8/status/554766255530721280 ]

The easter egg is not only restricted to Desktop users but is available for Android Smartphones too (via Chrome for Android). You can use it by switching to Airplane mode (for quick gameplay) or turn off your active internet connections. On Android the Space Bar function is replaced by Tap on Screen, to make the T-Rex jump.

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