How to Install iOS7 on iPhone 3G (Noob Friendly)

After the recent rumors of iPhone 6, older idevice users are left with completely no hope of getting an update, but then the question arises, are they completely obsolete now? My answer to this simple question, will be a simple “No”. Communities like the “Whited00r” are doing a brilliant job to revive your almost on the verge-obsolete devices, by bringing the features of the latest iOS versions by the help of Custom Cooked Firmwares. So let’s begin with the easy to follow tutorial on getting iOS7.1 features on your obsolete iDevice.

How to Install iOS7 on iPhone 3G

To begin with, let me first start off with things that you require for installing Whited00r7.1 on your iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G, iPod Touch 1G or iPod Touch 2G.

Prerequisites :

What’s the difference in Whited00r Normal IPSW and Whited00r Unlocker IPSW ?

Well, your question is absolutely treatable. The basic and easy to understand difference between the Normal and Unlocker IPSW is that, if you got a factory unlocked iPhone or you got the official carrier of your iDevice then you are ready to grab the Normal Version other than that you will need the unlocker version where you can unlock the device after the installation (via Ultrasn0w), but the only limitation here is that you may or may not require a push notification patch to fix push notifications in the unlocker variant.

Let’s begin with the Procedure :

  • Right click redsn0w.exe file and choose Properties, now click on the Compatibility tab from the top menu.
  • After that, tick Run this program in compatibility mode for: and choose Windows XP SP3 (if on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 ).
  • Now, Open Redsn0w.exe and click on the Extras button, after that click on Pwned DFU.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to put your iDevice in Pwned DFU state with completely black screen.
  • After you are into the Pwned DFU state, open iTunes and click on the Restore button while holding Shift key (⇧) (On Windows) or the Options Key/Control Key (On Mac).

How to Install iOS7 on iPhone 3G

  • Now choose the Whited00r 7.1 IPSW file you downloaded earlier and let the restore begin.
  • After the restore completes, reboot your iDevice to finish the installation.

Got an Issue while following the above guide?

iTunes Error?  Springboard crashes? UI Bugs? Improvement Suggestion?, refer the official Whited00r 7.1 FAQ/Bugs Discussion thread

That’s it for today! Hope you like our guide, in any case you get into trouble and/or are not satisfied with the fix on whited00r forums, you might just leave us a comment below.

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8 Comments on “How to Install iOS7 on iPhone 3G (Noob Friendly)”

  1. I am having difficulty downloading this firmware (whited00r7.1). Pls how do I get a working link to the firmware. I am currently on whited00r7 but I need the whited00r7.1 running on my device. Thanks

  2. I have iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2.1, I downloaded whited00r7.1 and redsn0w 0.9.10b8b. I tried updating my iPhone but I end up getting errors. Putting my iPhone to PWNED DFU mode, I get something like “couldn’t find an ipsw, Internet connection…” or USB connection error. In iTunes I ended up in a recovery mode. Please give me guide on how to upgrade my iPhone, all the things I need to upgrade. Please help.

    1. Try reverting back to stock ipsw from itunes via pwned dfu mode, after that try flashing the custom ipsw again, maybe that works for you! Or else leave me a comment i’ll look into your issue personally! 🙂 Keep visiting!

  3. Thanks, I am now on whited00r 7.1 ios 3.1.3, I can’t download apps using app time machine, e.g say I want facebook, it returns something like “error installing facebook, unable to unzip .ipa” How do I install apps like whatsapp,facebook etc

      1. It might be because the iOS version is actually getting downgraded by installing this custom ipsw. you are shifting to iOS 3.1.3, which does not supports most of the apps! The best you can do is try by faking the iOS version, try googling for it, you find an appropriate tutorial! 🙂

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