iOS 7 Best Multitasking Jailbreak Tweak : Auxo 2

If you are an old Apple addict and love Jailbraking your iDevice, you might be aware about the tweak called “Auxo”. Auxo is a card-based app switcher for iOS 6 which was further implemented by Apple itself during the release of iOS 7. The tweak after the release went viral in just a few days.

But the most frustrating thing was the obsolete behavior by the tweak and the team so involved, which made the users stuck at a static taste from a long time. The wait turned out to bear fruit, with the release of Auxo 2 the Jailbroken iDevice owners are now ready to taste something beyond imagination and customization. The team stated that the tweak is no way based on the iOS multitasking but rather is based upon itself with integrated customizations and much more controls.

The tweak functions actually the same way as the Apple designed there Multitasking to work, by double tapping the Home button you are welcomed with a card-based app switcher. The tweak includes a Multi-Center which is actually a feature/combination of Control Center’s toggles and System controls with app switcher.

Yet another great feature of the tweak is the Quick Switcher , which is a gesture based function to quickly switch between apps, you can swipe from the bottom which will bring up a series of apps on which you can drop your touch to open. The best thing about this is that it works on all the application no matter system or third party.

Talking about Hot Corners, swiping up from the bottom right helps you go back to the Home, swiping up from bottom center brings up the Multi-Center and swiping up from the bottom left as discussed above brings up the Quick Switcher.

All in all I will recommend Auxo 2 for all iOS 7poken users, as this adaptable and friendly tweak can make your life easier.

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