iOS 7 Music Player Cydia Tweak : Aria

Aria is a new Cydia tweak that just simply gives the music UI of your iOS 7 a complete new look and supercharges for an awesome music experience! Ofcourse, your iOS 7 need to be jailbreaked for that. It gives you the new features and a bunch of improvements to stock iOS7 music player. On an add on the new iOS 7 Music Player Cydia Tweak (Aria) gives you a lot more features than just the UI.

iOS 7 Music Player Cydia Tweak

It allows you to queue songs, a new Now Playing interface just as Apple’s iTunes Remote app, gives you an option to view all your albums in a grid view, it also has a new Endless Music feature which will give you an ability to start shuffled music play after an album ends. Besides all these, it has a bunch of improvements in user interface, and has a new and improved lyrics view.

A lot of customization can be made to Aria with its own  preference pane in where we can customize Aria as we want.

If you’re really interested in Aria, so you should get it now and experience its awesomeness! Aria is available on Cydia for just $1.99 via BigBoss repository. Once again, make sure your iOS is jailbreaked.

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