The new COD might seem a little too futuristic to some, but history of warfare tech has taught us  something completely different . This time we will be uncovering the tech behind the COD Advanced Warfare’s future of wars . The game features a vast array of tech some of which is not futuristic at all .


call of duty advanced warfare realisticThe game features  soldiers wearing EXO SKELETONS that amplify their strength and makes them faster . The game is set in 2054 , so this makes those suits look like they are a little too advanced but believe us they have been sticking around for a while , 1960’s to be precise . The first EXO suit saw the light of the day  in 1965 it was a big heavy suit designed to make the user lift loads of around 650 kg with ease, it was named Hardiman . Now days US army uses HULC it enabled soldiers to carry loads of upto 200 pounds while walking at a top speed of 10 miles/hour . Japanese have also come up with a similar system called HAL . There many other systems that help crippled people walk including e-legs etc.


The game also features a small amount of energy weapons . Most people don’t know but energy weapons exist right now. bucall of duty advanced warfare realistict they are big systems that are mounted on vehicles. It is named DEWs(directed energy weapon system) it works by emitting highly focused energy that is transferred into the target to damage it . It is in prototype stage but has many potential uses (from anti personal to disabling vehicles ) . Then there is also PHSAR(personal halting and stimulation response rifle) it is basically a laser that temporarily blinds people  (it dose not have to be aimed at the eyes of the target it blinds them even if it is close to them) it causes florescence(it happens inside CFL bulbs)  in the lens of the eyes of the target making it impossible to see.


The game also features a section in which you have to ride a hover bike . In real life if the situation calls you will be able tocall of duty advanced warfare realistic buy one  in about 2 years from now . Yes there is a hove bike in development it is in prototype stage but you can own a prototype by donating money to the developers , it is a complicated process but you can own it . MA hover bike is the company that is developing that bike , it is pretty cool though and it works just fine . it will roll into production when the prototype testing will be completed . it might be expensive , but we think it will be wort it

Games aren’t futuristic, they just prefect the things that are in existence right now.

stay tuned for more.

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