How to Upgrade Your Laptop Hardware

When compared to a PC upgrade, laptop upgrade can turn out to be a tedious job. The compact design and form factor of a laptop contributes to such upgrade limitations. Nevertheless, parts like RAM and Hard Disk can still be swapped out pretty easily. We have got you covered with a list of possible laptop hardware upgrades that you can try on your laptop.

Upgrade your RAM

upgrade your laptop hardware

Upgrading your system RAM directly improves the performance of your system. RAM also allows for more multitasking and multiprocessing. Many laptops come with an easy to remove back case for RAM upgrades, others have to be disassembled in order to upgrade the RAM. Generally, there are two RAM slots in a motherboard. A newly purchased laptop will have only one slot equipped with a RAM stick. This gives room for another memory stick to be placed in the free slot. Keep in mind that there are certain modern laptops that come with soldered onboard RAM, these cannot be replaced. And so, such laptops do not qualify for RAM upgrades. There are RAM capacity limits as well, so make sure your laptop model supports the amount of memory that you are going to install. These days a minimum of 8 GB RAM is recommended for all modern systems. You can check for compatible RAM upgrades on the Crucial Website.

Install an SSD

upgrade your laptop hardware

Experiencing an extremely slow boot time? Or, having random freezes even after upgrading the RAM? It’s time to replace your ageing Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with a Solid State Drive (SSD). On an average, an SSD is around five times faster than your standard HDD. You can pop out the already installed HDD and place an SSD of same form factor at its place. And if you are lucky enough, your laptop might have come equipped with an M.2 SSD slot. In that case, you can simultaneously install an M.2 SSD along with your HDD. If your laptop has a DVD drive that is not in use, you can replace the DVD drive with an HDD caddy. An HDD Caddy can hold your HDD while making your HDD port free for an SSD installation.

Upgrade the WiFi card

upgrade your laptop hardware

Network issue can be a common problem in old laptops. There are various simple tricks that might save you from software related bugs. But when it comes to unsolved cases, hardware defects might play a role. Your network issues can be related to broken antennae or a malfunctioning Network card. A sensible approach is to first replace the antenna wires and check the network connectivity. And only if that doesn’t solve the purpose, move forward with the idea of replacing the WiFi card. It’s always a good idea to replace your old WiFi card with a newer model. Keep in mind to choose a WiFi card of the same form factor as your existing one. Many new laptop models use an M.2 Key, other form factors include Mini PCI, Full height Mini PCIe and Half height Mini PCIe slots. Similar to onboard RAM’s there are laptops that come with soldered onboard WiFi cards, such laptops do not qualify for the Network card upgrade.

Get a Full HD Display

upgrade your laptop hardware

Laptop displays are generally considered a key factor while purchasing a laptop. In case you happen to be someone who overlooked the screen type and resolution while buying one, we have got you covered. If you have an HD display and want to shift to a Full HD display, chances are that you’ll get one for your laptop. If your laptop model comes in a variety of specification, and one among them has a Full HD Display, you can get the same display right away and get it installed. Keep in mind that there are various PIN configurations for each display type, so make sure to look up for the correct upgrade before purchasing it.

Miscellaneous Upgrades

upgrade your laptop hardware

CPU Upgrade: Old laptops come with a CPU socket that gives room to inter-changeable CPU’s. These kind of sockets aren’t available in modern laptops, which come equipped with soldered CPU chips. If you own an old laptop with an interchangeable CPU socket, go ahead and search your CPU on CPU-Upgrade Website, choose one of the CPU’s in the list which fits in the same socket as yours. It is also recommended that you choose a CPU with the same TDP as your present CPU.

Other Upgrades: Parts like Dedicated Graphic Card, Keyboard, and Laptop’s inbuilt Camera can also be upgraded but are only possible on very few models.

Do you know about any other possible Laptop Upgrades? Do leave us a comment in the comments section below.

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