How to install Google Chrome in Linux

When it comes to web browsing, there is nothing better than Chrome. Talking about Linux we do have Chromium, from which the Chrome is built itself, but still Chrome wins the race by adding a lot more featured and 3rd party tweaks which Chromium fails to add. So today we are going to learn how to install Google Chrome in Linux (the easy way).

To begin with, we first have to download a copy of the latest Stable Chrome application. Depending on your system configuration ( 32bit / 64bit ) and type of Linux operating system (RedHat/Debian), you can download Google Chrome from here : Stable Chrome , Assuming your system to be a debian Linux disto I will cover up the article with the steps involving commands for the installation of the .deb file.

After downloading the Chrome package, rename it to chrome.deb (will help in further steps)

Now add the Google Linux Repositories to your system, just type the below mentioned commands on terminal to achieve this (One after the other) :

install Google Chrome in Linux

Now update your repositories and change directory to where you downloaded the Chrome package :

install Google Chrome in Linux

Note : The cd command above will direct me to the Downloads folder from the root directory, the location might differ for you, depending on where you download the file (refer the next screen-capture).

Once, you set the destination folder in Terminal, its time to begin the installation, follow the following commands to get the chrome installed on your system :

install Google Chrome in Linux

# If the installation ends with ERRORS : 

install Google Chrome in Linux

That’s it guys, go ahead and type google-chrome in terminal to start it up or open it from your Linux applications menu, hope you manage to get Google Chrome running on your Linux distribution, in case of any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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