Xbox One vs PS4 : Which one is better for you?

Xbox One vs PS4

Games are like “The more you play, the more you’ll get addicted to keep playing!”. Considerable increase in gaming graphics have led new power full consoles to come ahead, it’s getting hard to decide which one to buy or which one is better, So which one should you go with? Which one suits you best? Here are the main differences in Xbox One and PS4 .

Xbox One vs PS4


Xbox One vs PS4

When Xbox One was launched its staring value was £429.99 along with kinetic due, which was much more expensive than the PS4, which on the other hand values around £349.99 . Most of the people preferred PS4 because it was comparatively cheaper than Xbox One . But in the month of May Microsoft launched Xbox One without kinetic which costs the same as that of PS4.

2. Power

Xbox One vs PS4

If you are a real gamer you will be anxious to know about the power one can get in these consoles. So here are the hardware specifications of Xbox One and PS4.


GPU- Comparable to Radeon HD 7000-series
CPU- AMD 8-core Jaguar CPU


GPU- Comparable to Radeon HD 7000-series
CPU- AMD 8-core Jaguar CPU

Both of them share almost same configuration but PS4 is slightly more powerful than Xbox One. As PS4 has high processing power which let it do task much more faster and efficient and it possess a GDDR5 RAM which is designed for gaming unlike DDR3 RAM of Xbox one which is only designed to perform limited tasks. As result PS4 is ahead in this field .

3. Graphics

Xbox One vs PS4

In today’s world game graphics matter the most and are the main reasons to buy a high end consoles. Game graphics may or may not matter for you as a person, but are an important criteria for Gamers to choose between consoles. Talking about the graphics there is not much difference in XBOX ONE and PS4 but a hardcore gamer will always prefer the best, and by best i mean a full HD Gameplay. PS4 comes with higher contrast ratio than XBOX ONE which let the gamers have much more real experience of the game, enhancing the effects used by the Game developers. So PS4 ought to have a good future in next-gen games.


The reason why we buy a console is to play our favorite games and it means a lot for gamers like us to have there favorite games on there consoles. Here are some of the exclusive games coming in XBOX ONE and PS4.


Xbox One vs PS4

  1. Dead Rising 3

  2. Forza 5

  3. Halo 5

  4. Ryse: Son of Rome

  5. Sunset Overdrive



Xbox One vs PS4

  1. Drive Club

  2. Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn

  3. Killzone :ShadowFall

  4. Infamous :SecondSon

  5. Order 1886



Xbox One vs PS4

Both controllers look similar to there previous generation models, but there are considerably many changes in PS4 controller. This fourth gen controller or Dualshock 4(whichever way you like calling it) is actually heavier than the previous controller which let you have firmer and greater experience. On the other hand the XBOX ONE is stuck with its previous controller excluding some advancements in the d-pad. Although it still depends upon the gamer and his preference of use to choose the best for him.

So that’s all people about the differences between XBOX ONE and PS4, I hope you like it and like our efforts. We will be happy to hear from you, about what you think for these two competitors up in market, or if you know about any other consoles that might compete these beasts?Tell us in the comment section below.

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