How to Download Songs or Audio files from Tumblr


According to Alexa Ranking, Tumblr is world’s 36th most used website. Tumblr is basically a blend of blogging and a kind of social network, which is one of the major reason of it being the #36th most viewed site across the globe. Their are many visitors to tumblr who come upon some of the user uploaded audios and develop a desire to download them, but tumblr provides no actual way to download audio files directly from the site itself. So if you are looking forward to download such user uploaded audio files from tumblr, you might continue reading to know the secret.

Download Music from Tumblr Using Chrome or Firefox : Download Songs Tumblr

Everything in this cyber world is interconnected, so are the objects you see while surfing the web. The fact that everything on the web is actually placed in a home system like your own Desktop PC, makes it possible for the user to grab it on their own systems. Downloading Tumblr audio is not much of a hassle if you are on one of the modern browsers (namely Chrome and Firefox).

So here begins the easy tutorial for you to get your required tumblr audio and enjoy it offline.

NOTE : This method only works for audios directly uploaded to Tumblr, Audio links embedded from other sites will not be downloaded.

  1. Using any modern browser (Google Chrome and Firefox recommended) go to the Tumblr blog page where the audio file is uploaded that you want to download.
  2. Tap the Play / Listen button.
  3. Now once the audio playback begins, right click on the audio player and click Inspect Element.
  4. Look for something that begins with <audio type=”audio/mp3″ src=” ( You can do a Ctrl+F search to find this). In my case the exact code looked like this :
  5. <audio type="audio/mp3" src=";tumblelog=songsyouusedtolove&amp;post_id=185055540" __idm_id__="1"></audio>
  6. Copy the URL in the src block till the first &amp apears after ?play_key. From my case, the copied URL looks somewhat like this :
  8. Once copied, paste the URL in the browser address bar and click go.
  9. The song will start playing in a browser specific player. Right click on the song and click Save video as…(Chrome) or Save audio as…(Firefox) to begin the download process.

That’s it, Enjoy the downloaded audio offline!

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6 Comments on “How to Download Songs or Audio files from Tumblr”

  1. I was wondering if this was also possible to do on an android phone? I can’t right click anything, obviously.. Is there a way to still download it?

    1. Hello Juniper, let me explain u for an android. In case of an android device or any browser like opera,ucweb e.t.c on a java device, on the step 6 after copying the address, when you paste it on the URL bar, it should return you a pop up box(in case of android), requiring u to choose either “Music App” or “Android Services” , choose android services and the song shall begin downloading 🙂 and in case of a java device, no such pop up shud arise, in case of any further issues/doubts, comment below 😉

      1. Excuse me, but can you explain it a bit more detailed? I have problems at step 3 because I can’t copy the URL 🙁 (I’m using Android)

        1. I understand your issue, inspect element isn’t available for android and the audio player which works on mobile browsers is allot different than that of PC Browsers versions. Although I’ll try to look up for a possible solution and will share it with you shortly, till then stay tuned 😉

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