Best Online Image Editing Software

No doubt Picnik Image Editor was the best of its kind, but on April 19, 2013 they joined Google and came up with Google+’s Photos Editor which discontinued the standalone Picnik Image Editor. PicMonkey might be another interesting editor in the Online list but due to the lack of building from scratch it is unable to make it to the top.

So the question still persists, which Online Image Editor is the best? The answer might be different for different needs but all in all there has to be a common likable character in the list.

According to the surveys i have conducted, i am actually going to give Picozu the top most stake in the Online Image Editors. Picozu is a complete web-based online Image editor which requires no flash plugins to work upon, moreover the fact i love about Picozu is that it is purely HTML5 and CSS3 written, ensuring no glitch or lags. 

Best Online Photo Editing Software

You can either start building from scratch or upload your images either from your system or import them from any of your cloud based accounts including SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or even Facebook. Alternatively you can even shoot yourself from your webcam and start editing on the go.

The online application offers a layer based editing as seen in the most popular Image editing software including Photoshop and GIMP. Including all the common brushes and tools the app actually includes a ton of new filters and photo effects to enlighten your boring looking images.



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