3 Must Have Plants For Home Office

Kamal Meattle an environmental activist, who held a TED talk in 2009 focused on “How to Grow Your Own Fresh Air” mentioned 3 must have plants to grow your own fresh air. All the three plants mentioned by Meattle are common Asian plants and could thus be seen  in most of the Indian houses.

The 3 indoor plants mentioned by Kamal are as following :

3 Must Have Plants For Home Office

1. Areca Palm – This plant actually helps you efficiently convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. According to Meattle’s study about 4-5 Areca Palm shoulder-height plants per person should be planted in your home building. Moreover if you are a resident of a highly polluted city, you must clean the leaves of the individual plants on a daily basis to ensure proper and efficient CO2 to O2 conversion.

2. Snake Plant (Mother-in-law’s Tongue) – Unlike all the other plants which converts oxygen into carbon dioxide at night, Snake Plant is ironically famous for its reverse behavior of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen at night times. You actually need around 6-8 waist height plants per person in your apartment to maintain a healthy quality of life.

3. Money Plant – This is one of the most common plant spotted in Asian countries including India. Like Snake plant Money Plant is also beneficial for releasing oxygen in the air. Other than that, the plant is known for its power of eliminating formaldehyde from the atmosphere which is a common pollutant released by cigarette smoke and adhesives.

NASA witnessed that if one stays in such an environment for around 10 hours then he comes closer to about a probability of 42% of having around 1% gain of blood oxygen.

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