Chicken Pox : All you need to know about it

Chicken Pox is an infectious disease caused by the zoster virus, which mainly affects children. It causes fever, throat infections, respiratory issues and tiny pimples which turn into large blisters with time. The itching period might last from a maximum of 20 days in a severe condition to a minimum of 2 days. There isn’t a proper treatment to fight Chicken Pox, because of the fact that it is a viral disease. But still we have covered up some points in this article which might help you to lessen your pain.

Blisters : Chicken Pox

In the beginning of the disease you might start observing small fluid filled pimples which won’t hurt or itch, but as time passes these increases in number (mainly on the stomach area and back) and size as well. At this stage, these blisters will start getting itchy and might hurt when pressed, but be sure not to touch them or try to scratch them, else they will leave permanent scars which might not ever fade away with time. To lessen the itchiness one could take cold water bath or apply Herpex or T-Bact Cream which is easily available in the local Medical Stores.

Fever :  Chicken Pox

Having high fever is one of the common chicken pox symptoms. The fever might range from 100°  to 105° F depending on how strong your immune system is. You are supposed to take Paracetamol to lessen your fever, along with it proper rest is needed, no straining on eyes and no studies for sometime (well yes, no studies, have fun!). In any case don’t take aspirin as it might worsen your condition and does not suits along with Paracetamol.

Throat Infection and Respiratory Issues :  Chicken Pox

Throat infections are common in chicken pox and shall begin effecting you in few days after the disease traps you into it. You might start feeling a lot of pain in your throat and won’t be able to eat anything for few days, well don’t panic about it, because it is common in chicken pox. My advice would be to take liquid diet for a day or two, till your throat turns back to normal, if the throat infection takes longer than usual to recover, you might consider taking azithromycin which is a common drug used for throat infections. People suffering from asthma or similar lung diseases might have a hard time tackling chicken pox, for such people I advice visiting a nearby doctor for proper advice, who can assist better by analyzing your earlier medical health history.

Ear Infection :  Chicken Pox

In some cases (not all), Ear infections might be seen, these ear infections like the throat infection will come up after a few days of the disease and might last till the end of the disease. Paining and dried wax filled ear’s are some common symptoms of this infection. Coconut oil and Olive oil is supposed to give relief to the ear infection, so apply it using a cotton or an ear bud.

Common Misbelief’s : 

If you belong to India, Indian tradition might force you into doing acts which will prolong the effect of chicken pox. Bathing is one of the common misbelief, according to Indian tradition one should not bath during chicken pox, but its is not true at all, rather one should bath daily, provided that they don’t use fancy soaps so that it burst their blisters. Another common misbelief is about food, let me make it clear, chicken pox is no way related to what you eat, so eat whatever you like, let be a a burger or a pizza, its all allowed in chicken pox, although you should eat healthy food, as to lift up your immune system, which might go down during chicken pox, but that does not stops you from eating fast food, you can eat what you like.

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