Opticians say: Smartphone overuse is very harmful

Opticians are worried and say smartphones may cause a severe long term damage to our eyes. Not only smartphone, but over exposure to light coming from devices like TV, computers as well.

They have warned about this thing, that overuse of their smartphone, laptop and flat screen televisions is potentially dangerous and may also lead to long term severe damage in eyes. They said that when we our using a smartphone then the lights and rays coming out is blue-violet. Said by optician Andy Hepworth,

Blue violet light is potentially hazardous and toxic to the back of your eyes.

So over a long period of time it can potentially damage your eyes.

When you are looking at a smart phone, the light peaking out of that is blue violet.

As he stated that light peaking out of the time when we are using a smartphone is blue violet which is very dangerous and may cause damage to eyes, tests have proved that it can lead to Macular Degeneration which can lead to blindness.

Although, to regulate biological clock, blue light (blue-turquoise) is needed by the but over exposure to the blue-violet light can cause disrupt sleep patterns and can cause mood swings, as said by them.

Andy added the following,

Although we don’t know if there’s a direct link with it creating eye problems, there is strong lab evidence it can potentially do that.

It’s the combination of not blinking enough and bringing the device closer than you normally look at objects , it strains your eyes.

In a recent survey of two thousand people, it is seem to be found that people under 25s check their phones almost thirty two times a day. The survey provisioned by a group of independent opticians found that on average, an adult spends almost seven hours a day with almost half feeling anxious when they are away from their phone. It also suggested that 43% of people under 25s start experiencing anxiety and irritation when they can’t check their phone every hour. Opticians have said that it is one of a cause for more headaches.

The opticians advised to get our eyes tested regularly and have regular breaks from our computer, mobile or any other hand held device.

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