Top 5 Home remedies for Migraine Solution

According to a scientific study, almost 3 out of 4 girls in America suffer from migraine headache pain. This might have to do something with the women menstrual cycle as Grosberg said ( a therapist who studied about migraine ).

Being a boy, you are forbidden to take this point under consideration. Though boys might suffer from migraine due to there addiction of alcohol or simultaneous jaw moving habits, like that of chewing a gum whole day long, or say you are a peanut addict!

Not just this, there are about a thousand more causes of this disease, and who knows, which one traps you into it?

Well, even though we cannot get hold of the disease before hand, there are a number of things we can do after the disease might have trapped you into it.

So here are the top 5 home remedies to prevent the pain and subsequently preventing the disease to penetrate into your nerves :

  • Avoid chocolates, sodas ( including alcohols ), sweet candies (jelly’s and so), chewing gums, peanuts e.t.c .
  • Drink more and more water! More water = less migraine.
  • Eat Ginger when suffering from migraine (I know nobody would ever like it, but its better than suffering from that pain!).
  • Eat Peppermint (Pudina) and Lavender (if available) because these herbs prevent migraine!
  • Drink more and more caffeine when suffering from migraine (caffeine cud be consumed via tea and coffee ^_^).

That’s it, hope it helps , being a former migraine sufferer I have actually tried these home remedies and for the assurance ,

Yes these do work!

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