Top 10 Tech Items under Rs 100

There are list of top tech items flooding on the web. I wanted to make a list too, but something creative, so here I proudly present the top 10 tech items under Rs. 100, yes INR 100 (roughly $ 1.63), prices might change with time, so grab the items as you see them.

Apacer Micro OTG Cable A510 (Black)

Product Details:

  • Connect USB flash drive to your smartphone and tablet PC
  • Connect to Keyboard, Mouse
  • With two OTG cables connect two smartphones to each other

A uniquely designed bendable OTG cable with premium build and design factor. Get it for INR 99 from HERE.

Energizer Max E91BP4 AA Alkaline Battery

Product Details:

  • Designed for long-lasting performance in the broadest range of device application
  • No added mercury means Energizer Max is an environmentally responsible battery that can be disposed of with regular household trash
  • Reliable portable power that maximizes fun, productivity and safety

These are high capacity batteries which are supposed to last 3-5 times more than your standard batteries. Get it for INR 99 from HERE.


Product Details:

  • Plug rotates in 90 Degrees angle from both sides
  • Rotatable Conversion Plug is suitable to plug in India and South Africa
  • Compact.
  • Easy to Carry
  • Multipurpose use

A great product, usefull where plugging is an issue, thanks to its 180° rotation mechanics. Get it for INR 78 from HERE.

Tufkote Laptop Skin 3D Carbon Fiber Design BLACK

Product details:

  • Styles and protects your Laptop
  • Adds no bulk <1mm thick, provides basic scratch protection
  • Easy to apply and remove with no residue left on or damage done to your device. Simply peel your skin from its backing and stick it on your device.
  • Fits all size laptops. Skin measures 15 inch x 12 inch. Can be trimmed with scissors or cutter
  • Custom Prints Also Available

This textured cover comes in various colors, I personally prefer the Black color so if you are aiming to buy it, go grab it at INR 99 from HERE.

SIM CARD Adapter Nano to Micro – Nano to Regular – Micro to Regular With eject pin

Product details:

  • 1 x Nano Sim Card to Micro Sim
  • 1 x Nano Sim Card to Standard Size Sim Card
  • 1 x Micro Sim Card to Standard Size Sim Card
  • Ultra-thin design, the thickness only 0.1mm
  • Color: White

Got a new phone? But sadly your SIM card won’t fit in? This pack of SIM Adapters will make it easy for you along with an eject PIN, get it for INR 69 from HERE.

White Micro USB FLAT Data Cable 26 inches

Product details:

  • 6 months warranty from GadgetsAccessories (only if purchased from GadgetsAccessories seller on Amazon)
  • Compatible for ALL Micro USB Phones
  • USB v2.0 for upto 480mb per second transfer speed

Flat USB cables are trendy these days and White gives them a great premium look. So grab your USB to USB mini data cable for INR 85 from HERE.


Product details:

  • Self gripping
  • Reusable

This is very useful for maintaining cables and keep them tidy. It is of great quality and fits firmly, go grab your stack of 100 cables for just a total INR 46 from HERE.

UBON Earphones

Product details:

  • clear sound
  • Frequency Responce:20 to 20,000 hz
  • Transducer type:Dynamic
  • Impedance:16
  • Max input Power:100mW

If you are looking for a cheap yet good bass enabled earpiece, these are best in the price. Get these headphones at INR 90 from HERE.

Y Splitter Audio Aux Cable 3.5MM

Product details:

  • One 3.5mm male jack to two 3.5mm female
  • High Quality
  • Small and compact design
  • Low density polyethylene insulation
  • Reducing signal loss and improving transmission quality

Ever imagined what if you and your friend could hear songs on different earphones but on the same device? This 3.5mm splitter makes it possible, get it for INR 58 from HERE.


Product details:

  • Plug and Play Small enough to take anywhere, it fits into your case as easily as it fits your lifestyle
  • USB bus powered, no external adapter or batteries needed
  • For use with any USB compatible computer ( any version ) Flexible stainless steel neck lets you position it any way you like
  • Just plug it in USB port and it will light up immediately
  • Very good for using in dark without disturbing your roommates

LED Light powered by a USB, this light can help provide sufficient light on a dark computer table. Get it for INR 71 from HERE.

These prices could change according to seller’s interest, so it will be hard for me to continue this list for a long time, anyways if you see it now and the prices are almost the same as mentioned, go grab them before they increase.

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3 Comments on “Top 10 Tech Items under Rs 100”

  1. Managing Cables? A Twist Tie will always be a better idea than Zip Tie.
    BTW since when have Zip Ties become Re-usable? Seems like the seller himself doesn’t know or else its something new 😐

    1. That’s exactly what confuses me, i mean i have ordered it, but didn’t received it yet, i’ll let you know what he meant by re-usable. And i just added it in, as it was actually a value for money (100 pieces!) 🙂

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