Top 9 Tech Gadgets for College Students

College life is definitely fun. But apart from the adventure yet to be explored, there lies a bunch of assignments and projects craving for your attention. So how do you get to act like a savage?
Thanks to the technology. Here is the list of some gadgets that will arm you to lead an organised and structured life.

1. Smartphone :

gadgets for college students

Smartphones have become one of the fairly obvious gadgets to own these days. With revolutionary features and specifications, they have enhanced the work productivity along with accessibility to different multimedia’s. From listening to music to e-banking, from capturing moments to searching the information required. Smartphones have definitely made life easier.

2. Laptop :

gadgets for college students

Laptop becomes one of your closed possession as soon as it enters your life. Your life revolves around it completely. This multi-functional gadget performs many functions and is enchanted with a plethora of organizational options. Be it for academic purposes or for entertainment, it provides you a good support.

3. External Hard Drive :

gadgets for college students

They have been backing up the data as well as us in case of severe crisis. They are a great help to store your projects, files, photos, and other work stuff, thus enabling us to access it almost anywhere without much pain.

4. Kindle :

gadgets for college students

It’s probably the most useful college tool. It saves you from searching and getting book issued from the library to access them digitally. One surely doesn’t wish to carry a good load of books when you have an amazing option to carry all the required data in a lightweight form. It provides you with a great collection of books (which you will be needing in a good number ) required as per your semesters, thereby saving your money.

5. Charging Backpack :

gadgets for college students

How cool it will be if your bag charges your tech necessities like laptops and mobile phones? Well, this charging backpack made carting electronic items more sufficient. It consists of USB ports and separate storage areas to accommodate all your essentials safely. You can get one for yourself, from Here.

6. Earphones

gadgets for college students

Earphone is the essential item being carried by every teenager as a survival tool. A wide range of wireless earphones, sweat proof and water resistant, available in noise canceling lets you plug into the pure musical world. Using them while jogging, gyming etc has added an element of fun to such monotonous tasks. Thanks for their existence.

7. Portable Powerbank :

gadgets for college students

One definitely gets a sinking feeling when phones battery is just about to die. But portable power banks are lifesavers. It helps you get your devices charged anytime, anywhere. Surely it is a great investment.

8. Extension Lead :

gadgets for college students

No more running to different socket areas. Extension leads provide you a space to plug in a number of devices and appliances altogether. at the same time it ensures protection of your electronic friends.

9. Heating Cup :

gadgets for college students

This gadget helps you prepare beverages like tea or coffee effortlessly anytime you have an intense thirst. You can also boil water or milk in this compact sized gadget. You can carry it along and plug it anywhere. Indeed one of the coolest gadget.

These are some of the gadgets that we consider essential for all college students. Do you think any other gadget can fit in the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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4 Comments on “Top 9 Tech Gadgets for College Students”

  1. The list is awesome, keep doing such work. But it would be a really great help if you could help me fix my problem. Actually, My laptop isn’t recognising the external hard 1drive. It’s a 2 TB seagate SATA drive. Can’t find anything on google. Can you help ?

    1. The most likely cases causing you trouble may be a dead USB port, driver and partition issue or the hard drive itself may be dead . So you can plug into another usb port . Else, check the drive in disk management . You can review its size, partition and format it properly so that the device can recognise it . Also you can check for windows driver issues and try to fix them. There can be a possibility of virus attack as well, so wipe it off form your PC or hard drive using a virus cleaning software .Incase you need further help do mention it .

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