Forward Missed Calls and Messages to Gmail Automatically

Many of you might be wondering that why would someone forward their messages and calls to their email id, after getting so much spam in their inbox. But yeah there are some people who need this facility and thus we decided to write on how to Forward missed calls and messages to Gmail account.

There are many apps available in Play Store which forward messages and calls to your email account, for instance there is Sms Forwarder, SMS2Gmail and many more.

1. SMS Forwarder:

Forward missed calls and messages to gmailSMS Forwarder is a good application to forward your messages and calls. SMS Forwarder allows you to automatically forward incoming messages to any phone number or e-mail address. Just tell the app what kind of messages from what person to forward and who would you like to forward them to, and from there, SMS Forwarder will take care of everything.


2. SMS2Gmail:Forward missed calls and messages to gmail

SMS2Gmail only forwards your calls and messages to Gmail account and this one is the best if you use Gmail. SMS2Gmail lacks many features though and that’s why SMS Forwarder is recommended to you all.

Price: $1.49


Let us know in the comments box if you find even better apps than both of these and if you encounter any problems.

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