How to Convert Torrent to Direct Download Link

Torrents are basically a recommended option to download huge amount of data packages, no matter what the file is all about, beginning from a Windows ISO to a Movie Series, it all becomes easy with torrents. Some of the major torrent clients which you might have heard and used earlier are : Bittorrent and µTorrent. But the ease of access that you get from Direct download links is much more satisfactory when compared to torrents. Download Clients like IDM makes you have the best of a direct download link. There are bundles of sites having an option for you to convert torrents to direct links but most of them aren’t compatible with major download clients including IDM. So here I am with the best among all ZbigZ which helps you convert torrents to direct links online.

Although like other sites restrictions are plagued here too, you are only allowed to get 1GB per torrent in the free account , i.e the max size of the torrent in a free account is 1GB, if you want to get something more than that, go get a Premium account registered there which provides much more caching and download speeds than that of free.

Here’s an How to get your torrents converted into direct links:

  • Download the .torrent file from your favorite torrent site ( i prefer ).
  • After the download head over to and click on “Upload .torrent file”.
  • Choose the earlier downloaded file ( of step 1).
  • Click on “Go!”
  • Now the caching process should begin, this might take up to 2 minutes depending on the size of your torrent and its quality.
  • In the end you will be displayed a converted file with direct download link in the form of the “Download” button.
  • That’s it Hit the Download” button to begin you download (I recommend using IDM for faster downloads).

Note : You do not have to register an account on the site unless you really have a need to save your .torrent files in an organized manner.

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    1. ZbigZ can still do the job, the thing is u’ll have to buy a premium membership… And as far as i know all other Torrent to Direct link cloud servers take money for big file conversions. 🙂

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