How to enable Cortana in India

So you must be thinking what basically Cortana is?

Cortana is a personal assistant available for Windows Phone. It’s like Google now and Siri as in Android and iOS respectively.

Although its in BETA Cortana is giving a tough competition to Google Now and Siri. Cortana answers almost all of the questions, that you ask her. For an example, that’s what she answers when i told her “I Love You” 🙂

How to enable Cortana in India


Cortana is currently only available in U.S , Its been made available in India, China and U.K in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 but that one is currently in Alpha stage and doesn’t answers most of the questions.

So now the question is how to enable Cortana?

Firstly you need to change your phone’s region to U.S , so follow what i do.

Change your region to U.S , to do so, head over to Settings>Region (follow the screenshot below).

How to enable Cortana in India

Then it will ask you to restart phone (didn’t ask me as I’m already done with it) Don’t restart the phone manually. Click on restart when it appears on your phone screen.

Further you have to download additional speech update which is about 63MB in size. Then go to Settings>Speech and do the following.

How to enable Cortana in India

After that restart your phone,and there you get Cortana,your personal assistant on your WindowsPhone.

How to enable Cortana in India

And there’s Cortana to your upper right. Hope it helps you get Cortana on your Windows Phone device, if you have any trouble getting Cortana, do tell us in the comments section below.

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