How to get International number for free

So today I’m gonna teach you how to get an international number for free, yes you read that right “International number”. People nowadays need international numbers in order to boast in front of their friends or some for work purposes. There is no risk involved in this method of ย getting an International number. I myself use this method in order to get an International Number, so you can try this too.

How to get International number for free

As I’ve already mentioned that there’s no risk involved in this method, but still if you get calls from some international numbers just ignore and reject those calls.

  1. So here we start with the process, first of all you need an Email-ID or a Facebook ID in order to login.
  2. Then go to the following site mentioned: .
  3. How to get International number for freeOn the site you will need to login via Facebook or your EMail-ID (from the top-right corner).
  4. After logging in , you will get an option of “create a number” as shown in the Screenshot, so click on “Create a Number“.How to get International number for free
  5. Then it will ask for Country code and Phone number, enter your own phone number here and click on “Create“.How to get International number for free

After clicking on Create you will get your International number, this number will be of UK. What the site does is that it gives you an international number and forwards the calls of that International number to your original number. If you need to delete that number you can simply click on manage and delete that particular international number. You can also use this number on WhatsApp to surprise your friends.

Feel free to ask your questions or queries in the comment box.

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          1. For me it rings :/ check if the destination number entered is correct. ๐Ÿ™‚
            P.S : It automatically changes the destination numbers after some time.

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