How To Make your laptop a WiFi Hotspot : Windows 8

Most of us today have Wifi enabled smartphones and tablets. So smart people like you might think of sharing your laptop’s internet to your smartphones, which indeed is a great idea. There are working tricks to get this done manually, but if technology has made this easy for us, why not avail the opportunity? We are going to learn about some softwares which can share your laptops internet (no matter LAN, Data Cards or WiFi itself) to your smartphones or tablets via WiFi.

How to make your laptop a wifi hotspot Windows 8 , 7 and 8.1


  • This is one of the best way to turn your laptop into a WiFi router.
  • You can download the software from : HERE .
  • After installing it, you will have to run this program with Administrative Privileges.
  • To do so, right click on the icon “MyPublicWiFi” and click “Run as administrative”. how to make your laptop a wifi hotspot windows 8
  • You can now configure the setting of your WiFi hotspot and finally start the hotspot.  how to make your laptop a wifi hotspot windows 8


Virtual Router

  • This is yet another software to make your laptop work as a WiFi router on Windows 7/8/8.1 .
  • Although this software comes with some ads and thus might not turn out to be a good option.
  • Adwares are generally reported for containing virus, and thus are not recommended.
  • Still if you want to try, you can download it HERE .



  • This is an amazing software when it comes to converting your laptop into a WiFi hotspot.
  • Unlike the rest of the softwares mentioned above, this one is a paid software.
  • Still if you want to try, you get an option to try the “Free 7 Days Trial”.
  • You can get the information and the download link HERE .


Connectify Hotspot Pro

  • Unlike any of the softwares above, this one is my favorite.
  • The easy user interface and simple installation makes it stand out of the pack.
  • This is not a freeware and costs around 30$’s, although there’s a 75% off cyber sale going on.
  • You can download Connectify pro from HERE .

This is the list of the softwares i have used so far for converting my laptop into a WiFi router, the best of all for me is Connectify, although as its paid, you can try MyPublicWiFi which is my second favorite.

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