Offline mode in Google Chrome

When you open Google Chrome, it instantly fetches the latest version of the page from the server and the page is further displayed on your screen. But assume if there’s no network connection? Let me tell you what happens then, there comes a Dinosaur saying unable to connect to Internet.

Internet Explorer and Mozila Firefox on the other hand, have an offline page save feature which saves the page when you are online and then you can read this page again even when you’re PC/Laptop is not connected to the Internet.

So today I’m gonna elaborate in this article about how you can use Google Chrome in offline mode.

In the newer version of Google Chrome you can browse webpages even when you’re offline

Follow these steps now,

Open Google Chrome, type  chrome://flags/ in the address bar. Now a page like this will be opened :

Offline mode in Google Chrome

Now search for the option “Enable Offline Load Stale Button”. Further Enable it and then restart Google Chrome.

Now whenever you’re offline your Google Chrome will give an option like ‘Show saved copy‘.Offline mode in Google Chrome

This thing will only happen if the page which you’re trying to access is present in Google Chrome’s Local Cache. Google Chrome caches the HTML content, Images, Javascript etc so that your page looks same as that of the online one. It doesn’t caches content such as videos, widgets and in their place comes a placeholder image.

In order to test this feature disconnect any of the internet devices and this would surely work if you have done the right steps.

Note: The offline page feature was added in Chrome v36, so if you’re on an outdated version of Chrome this feature wont work for you.

Let us know in the comment box that if this feature worked for you or not.

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    1. Don’t know if that was a sign for “Wew, it worked!!” or “wew, it didn’t worked!” , anyways I hope it was for the first one :p If you have any problems following it, yo can let us know here 🙂

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