How to Send Large Files Online

So, you want to send large files over the Internet, but there are only two options available, either send it as an attachment via email or upload it on a web hosting service, but sadly you can only upload files up to 20-25 MB as an attachments on e-mails, and web hosting services aren’t convenient too. Ever imagined to send files directly to your friends, without uploading them? Here’s how you can do the same.

Send Large Files Online without Uploading

In this article we are going to learn few peer to peer services, by peer to peer I mean sending files directly from your computer to your friends computer without uploading it on web.

send large files online#1 Infinit : A peer to peer file transfer desktop application that lets you send files of any size to anyone. You just have to drag the file to the infinit app (on Mac or Windows) and select the recipient from your contacts list, that’s it the infinit app will handle the rest for you (once the incoming file request is accepted by the recipient).

Download Infinit : HERE

send large files online#2 JustBeamIt : Yet another peer to peer file transfer web service which allows you to send files to anyone directly from your computer, without the hassle of uploading it on web. Unlike Infinit, JustBeamIt does not comes with a desktop app and rather adopts a direct online in-browser drag and drop feature, you just drag the file on the JustBeamIt site and it will generate a Sharable Link with you, once someone open that link it will start the download on their computer directly from your’s.

Head over to JustBeamIt site : HERE

send large files online#3 Skype : The most famous video conferencing app “Skype” itself is a peer-to-peer file transfer application. You just have to initiate a chat session with whom you want to send file to, or in between a video/audio call, just click on “Send File” option and send file of any format/size directly from your machine. The download on recipients machine will begin as soon as they accept the incoming file request.

Download Skype : HERE

That’s it for the article guys, hope you find it informative. Do let us know which service suits you the most in the comments section below.

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  1. I am really satisfied with MyAirBridge ( For free you can send up to 20 GB, with profile even up to 100 GB!

    1. MyAirBridge is indeed a great service to send files for free, but the fact that its not a peer-to-peer service makes me unable to add it up in the list. Anyways thanks for your comment. Keep Visiting !

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