Top 5 Tips to improve your typing speed

Keyboard writing is always more efficient and faster than handwriting. We have all wanted to be able to type fast as the thoughts that come across our minds. You can always type for a long duration to slowly get better at it. Or you could follow some simple rules each time you type to become more faster.   Here are some tricks and tips to improve your typing speed and become a master of keyboard writing.

1. Using all fingers for typing- Key Bindings

This may come out as bit obvious but the most effective way to see a difference in your typing quality is by using all your fingers. Each fingers has its own set of keys it should be assigned to. For example, letters like a, q and z can be typed using your little finger. This may seem difficult in the beginning but as long as you steadily increase the number of fingers you use in typing, you will get more efficient. The image below shows the standard keys each finger is assigned with. You can follow this rule or create your own variations.

Tips to improve your typing speed
Assign fingers from left to right as shown

2. Why one space key and 2 shift keys?

You may have noticed that there are 2 Shift keys in your keyboard layout. These are very handy when you are typing upper case letters or special characters. Once you have assigned keys to your left and right hand by following the first tip (making use of all fingers), use the left shift key for casing all the keys on the right side and vice versa. For example, for typing ‘I’, the left shift key will be pressed while pressing the alphabet key with the right middle finger. Always use your little finger for pressing shift keys.

When it comes to space bar, always use a single thumb finger for it. Try not to alternate between left or right thumb and always use the thumb of a single hand. I use my right hand thumb for spaces since I am right handed but you can choose the one with which you are comfortable with.

3. The proper position for typing

Typing is a discipline that requires a proper position for being able to type at a constant speed for a long duration. Make sure that both your hands are properly rested on the desk or laptop skin in a way that you move just your fingers. Your sitting posture is also vital, hence, make sure to sit straight and keep your shoulders relaxed. Never crouch towards the screen and always keep your eyes at a distance of 45 to 75 centimeters.

4. Focus more on Accuracy

You are bound to make many mistakes while increasing typing speeds. A common mistakes that beginners do is that they avoid focusing on mistakes and keep on typing faster. Unless you hit the right key without looking at the keyboard and out of habit, don’t increase your typing speed. You will naturally and permanently become faster as long as you prioritize accuracy over speed.

5. Testing your typing skills

Websites like and are great places to put your typing skills to test. Keeping a track of your progress will help you figure out if you are doing something wrong or which type of words you find difficult. Instead of randomly typing something in notepad, using a typing test will give you much better results.

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