Windows Mobile 10 on Xiaomi devices

Windows Mobile 10 on Xiaomi devices, yes you heard that right, Microsoft has made an agreement with Xiaomi to release Windows Mobile 10 on Xiaomi devices too, currently they will provide Windows Mobile 10 for MI4 and MI3 only.

Hugo Barra said“Microsoft is working on a build of Windows 10 specifically for Mi 4 devices,” “This Windows 10 build will not be running on top of Android nor be available as a dual-boot option. A small numxiaomi-mi4-specs-photos-and-everything-you-need-to-know-01ber of Mi 4 power users from the Xiaomi Forum in China who choose to take part in this experimental program will have to manually re-flash their Mi 4 devices with this Windows 10 ROM, in the same way they would re-flash other Android ROMs. As Xiaomi MI4 roms work on Xiaomi MI3 too, Windows Mobile 10 will also be available for MI3 . Though it has been said that, this build will be released after stable Windows 10 builds are released for Windows phones. So it will take a lot of time to arrive on Xiaomi devices as of now.

According to some reports it has been said that if you once flash Windows Mobile 10 ROM you cant revert back to any other ROM, though these maybe rumours.

“At Xiaomi, we are very supportive of users trying new things and we encourage them to do so all the time,” Barra said. “That’s why all of our devices ship with unlocked bootloader, for example. That’s also why Xiaomi welcomes Microsoft team members to interact directly with members of the Xiaomi Forum in China. More details will be announced by Microsoft in the coming months. This program will only be available in China.”

But then some developers will have a work around to make it available to devices worldwide and then there would be unofficial ports too to various devices running on same or similar processors.

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